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Star Wars Fan Theories

Where there are Star Wars fans, there are...
Star Wars fan theories are like buttholes- everyone has one. Some are better than others, like Jar Jar being the true Sith Lord.
Then, there are these theories, told through insulated, weather-resistant onesie sleeping bags..
It's coarse, rough and irritating - it gets everywhereWe can't blame him. Would you want to make love in a sandbox? 
...and he liked it. Proof.
Emphasis on had. If Stormtroopers made 1% of the shots they took, there'd be only one Star War. It's all a part of Darth's master plan.
This isn't a fan theory, it's a fact. He's a walking Yak from Kashyyyk.
Han has Chewie For a Reason...

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