Ball Hammock® Pouch Boxer Briefs With Fly

Most boxer briefs have two holes for your legs and one hole for your waist. But our Ball Hammock® Pouch Boxer Briefs With Fly have all those holes AND MORE! One more, to be exact. Here’s how to find the bonus hole in your men’s underwear with fly: Step 1) While wearing the underwear, locate your penis. Step 2) That’s where the underwear fly is. Why add a fly to our Ball Hammock® Pouch Underwear? It’s all about having options in the bathroom. With a standard cut, you’ve gotta pull down the waistband to release your beast. This can cause elastic to stretch over time, as well as give the other guys at the urinals full view of your pubes. (Don’t kid yourself, they’re looking.) But for a more private urinary experience, Shinesty offers the best boxer briefs with fly. Simply snake your snake through the opening and you can get down to business with only your shaft dangling out there. There are so many benefits to this approach: 1) You don’t even have to unbutton your pants! Just lower the zipper and escort the little guy to the outside. 2) You can blow off manscaping for weeks and no prying eyes in the men’s room will judge you. 3) I can’t think of a third benefit right now, but I’m sure it exists. Wanna try for yourself? Shinesty offers the best men’s underwear with fly out there.