Ball Hammock Pouch® Athletic Shorts with Built-in Compression Liner

We didn’t stop at Ball Hammock® pouch we’re offering you shorts with built in underwear. *Pause for dramatic effect* You read that right. Introducing Ball Hammock® pouch athletic shorts: men’s workout shorts with liner...because everybody loves a bundle. These men’s athletic shorts are kinda like a two-for-one deal at Dominos, or bundling home and auto insurance. (I don’t have a home or a car but I definitely eat a lot of pizza.) We wanted to get in on that action and bundle two amazing items of clothing into one. The combination of athletic shorts with liner and our tried and true Ball Hammock® technology is here. We get it. Everyone just wants simplicity in life and that’s why men’s shorts with built in underwear are a closet essential. We gathered our best product and print designers to bring the supportive ball cradling technology you know and love and meld it with a pair of workout shorts for your pleasure. These men’s shorts are so versatile, you will need them in every color. No, I’m not suggesting that you wear these athletic shorts to a black tie affair. Yes, I am saying that you will use every excuse in the books to wear these Ball Hammock® workout shorts as often as humanly possible.

The Best Workout Shorts with Built in Underwear: Ball Hammock® Pouch Athletic Shorts

The revolution has begun. We may not be the first, and we certainly won’t be the last but without further ado we present the future of men’s workout attire: men’s athletic shorts with liner. Let me break it down for you. We took the ‘nad cradling technology of our tried and true Ball Hammock pouch underwear, and then took it a step further. We thought, why wear underwear, and shorts, when you can wear shorts WITH underwear? Our product developers worked tirelessly to bring you the most supportive, comfortable pouch underwear combined with the highest quality exercise shorts. These workout shorts with compression liner are so dang comfortable, you’ll find any excuse to keep them on.

Try the Comfiest Men’s Athletic Shorts with Liner

These are, hands down, the best men’s workout shorts with liner that you’ve ever seen. Let me prove it. Other athletic shorts may have a liner, but the difference with these is that they have a built-in pouch to hold your family jewels. It may sound simple, but these running shorts with boxer brief liner will cradle you better than a baby in a basket. This type of support used to be reserved for committed relationships, but now, we’re bringing unprecedented support to your workouts. These men’s workout shorts with compression liner are like your spotter. They’ll never let you down, literally.