Vintage Style 80s Ski Outfits

You will not be ready to hit the mountain without one of these ski outfits on your hot bod. I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them. These onesies have it all. Choose from a men’s or a women’s tailored fit to make sure you get that hourglass figure we all strive for at increased elevation. These one of a kind prints ensure that you will be noticed by everyone from ski patrol, to ski bums, to the birds in the trees and especially the group you’re with. It’s almost impossible to get lost while wearing one of these. Get ready for an endless stream of compliments as you exit the chairlift while wearing one of these 80s ski outfits. Some features this retro ski gear has that actual retro ski gear does not have: well..basically all of the features. 10,000mm waterproof rating, 10,000gm breathability rating, 80g synthetic insulation, pockets for days, elasticated wrist and ankle gaiters, waterproof zippers, mesh lined vents, adjustable belt, fleece chin guard and velcro adjustable wrist straps and probably a lot more fancy things that I can’t even find. All you need to know is, these ski outfits make you look impressive and keep you feeling 100 from the first chair until you close down the après.

The Mountains are Calling and You Must Go in Shinesty Ski Gear.

Ah, the sweet scent of winter time. The sun will set before 5 pm, the fire will be stoked, the hot toddy's will be poured and you will be snuggling up tight before your big day on the slopes. The night may be mellow, but your day of skiing tomorrow will be anything but, especially in your 80s ski outfit. The debauchery will be plentiful, so you need some ridiculous ski/snowboard gear to go along with it. The break of dawn marks the first cracked Cold Snack can. It's time to suit up in your 80's and 90's style vintage ski apparel. Climb into one of these retro ski outfits and get ready for a wild day. This snowboarding gear was made to handle all of the elements with waterproof technology, more pockets than you'll know what to do with, vents for all the sweaty parts of your body, and patterns and prints that will make it impossible for you to get separated from the group.

Bring the Party with Awesome Vintage Ski Gear.

No matter what mountain you're skiing this season, you're going to want to be in some vintage 90's style snowboard and ski gear. Whether your ass is in Aspen, or you're whipping it up in Whistler, or maybe you're getting cheeky in Courchevel, or you're just calling Zermatt zaddy, you are going to need to have the right ski and snowboard clothes. These ski suits are some of the most ridiculous winter clothing on the planet. That being said, it's still winter gear, so you bet your ass that we've got the features to keep up with the cold. Each and every one of these retro inspired ski suits are flooded with features like tight zippers, high end waterproofing material, neon and vintage patterns, plentiful pockets for snacks, passes and party enhancers, and enough stamina to keep you out all day long. Now, skiing hard means you've earned your après. It's time to belly up to that bar at the base and get your drank on. Buy a shot-ski for your fellow shredders, they would never oppose. Let that beer run down your chin, we've got you covered, literally, head to toe in Shinesty's best ever ski and snowboard gear.

Be a Ski Bum this Winter with Shinesty Ski Gear and Accessories.

Winter is here. That means that all of the ski bums are migrating back from Alaska to be in their truest and favorite environment: the Colorado snow. Whether you actually are a certified 80s ski bum, or you just want to look the part while shredding on the slopes, we've got you covered with all kinds of retro ski gear and ridiculous accessories. Keep your noggin toasty in one of our graphic beanies or headbands made to keep your ears warm and keep people staring. Be ready for high fives each time you get off the chair lift as people read your 80's retro headband. The ski and snowboard clothes you will find on this page are not meant for the faint of heart. You've gotta be prepared to drink free beverages all day, have enough pockets to hold all of the numbers you'll be given, and the heart of a true vintage lovin' ski bum.