Women's paradICE™ Cooling Thong Underwear & Bralette

Introducing the best cooling panties on the market: paradICE™ cooling thongs with matching bralettes. Keep your coochie and tata’s cool as can be in this high tech underwear set. The secret to the cooling technology is in the patented brrr°® fabric. It’s scientifically proven to keep you 3° cooler. No joke. It’s called the Triple Chill Effect and it makes all the difference in the world. This women’s cooling underwear is made with cooling minerals within the fibers of the fabric itself which means that they are cool to the touch, permanently. It will never wash away. It kinda feels like the cold side of your pillow all day long. Other companies will use chemical sprays and strange synthetics to make their underwear cool, but with these, you can rest assured that natural minerals are the things keeping you cool, calm and collected. These cooling underwear for women are also considered hyper wicking. That means that they actively pull sweat away from your body faster to keep you feeling comfortable and dry. Lastly, they are quick drying so that sweat doesn’t stay on your skin which helps you feel fresh faster.

paradICE™ Cooling Thongs and Bralettes: The BEST Underwear to Keep You Cool

You need to know about the mesh zones in these undies. This cooling fabric is already naturally breathable and cool to the touch, but why stop there? We added mesh zones to your hottest spots to keep you feeling easy and breezy all day long. You’ll see mesh on the back and front of the bralette. If you’re like me, back sweat is an issue while working out. The mesh down the back helps get sweat off your skin to avoid backne. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Sweat happens, but it doesn’t need to stay on your skin. These cooling sports bras are perfect for a low impact workout like yoga because of the sweat wicking fabric and those mesh zones. Another sweat spot is the cleavage zone. Reduce that boob sweat with hyper wicking fabric and a mesh zone straight down the tatas.

paradICE™ Cooling Underwear: YOU Need It

So by now, you know all about the patented brrr°® fabric and its scientific technology that is literally proven to keep you 3 degrees cooler. You’re a pro when it comes to wicking moisture away in a jiffy and also feeling fresh and dry because of the quick drying technology. The Triple Chill Effect is no joke, my friends. All of those things make these thongs and bralettes the very cool addition to your underwear drawer. They are everyday underwear with just a little extra chill. Wear them when you workout for extra breathability, or to the park on a toasty day, and on long road trips to keep your booty feeling fresh as heck. Or overhaul your underwear drawer and replace every pair you own with this cooling underwear. Stay cool with this cooling underwear. Women’s cuts include the matching cooling bralettes made from the same high tech fabric. Feel like sharing the cool love? Get men’s paradICE™ cooling Ball Hammock® pouch underwear to match.