Why choose Men's Pouch Underwear from Shinesty?

Choosing to wear regular men's boxer briefs instead of Ball Hammocks®, ball supporting underwear is like choosing to adopt a "domesticated" white tiger instead of a miniature Golden Doodle. It sounds like it'll probably be fine, but it's actually kind of dangerous.

Think about men's pouch underwear like this: You wouldn't toss fresh eggs in your shopping cart without an egg carton, all willy nilly. You wouldn't carry a pair of bulging water balloons loose in your pocket with a set of keys, would you? Of course not. So why would you put your delicate happy sacks in anything other than men's sexy underwear with a special pouch for your balls? Your man nuggets will laugh maniacally with delight when you place them in their very own hammock pouch, far away from the sweaty magnetic pull of your upper thigh and safely out of harm's way.

Besides keeping your love spuds cool by cradling them in a moisture-wicking, micro-modal Ball Hammock® pouch, these men's pouch underwear enhance the look of your package by keeping your meat and taters all on the same plate. Common reactions from lucky spectators include comments like "Wow, what size shoe did you say you wear?" and stunned silence.

Moisture Wicking Underwear to stop the SWASS

Moisture wicking underwear: men's most powerful weapon. Ball Hammocks ® are moisture wicking underwear which means that your ass sweat won't hangout in your most intimate nooks and crannies. Nope, these moisture wicking boxer briefs work like magic to help release trapped heat and keep you cool and dry all day long.

Chill out in Men's Breathable Underwear

News flash: you should wear breathable underwear. Do I really need to explain why micro modal men's breathable underwear is better than constricting cotton? You wouldn't leave a dog in a hot car, would you? Then why would you subject your boys to stuffy cotton? These are the breathable boxer briefs you've been waiting for.

Men's Support Underwear: Cradle your Balls with Pouch Boxers

Imagine what it would feel like to have your ‘nads cradled by the wings of an angel...now buy some men's support underwear. They're called Ball Hammock ® pouch underwear. You deserve support. Underwear like these give you just that. The built in pouch creates a contoured construction providing testicular support. Underwear like these are the future.

Men's Underwear with Pouch: Classic and Funny Patterns you never knew you needed

What more could you want in a pair of boxer briefs other than mind-bogglingly comfortable micro modal fabric and a trusty pouch to cradle your balls and make your total package look bigger than Dennis Rodman when he's standing next to Kim Jong Un? (They totally hang out, you know.) How about a puppy on your privates? You got it. A walrus on your willy? Sure thing. Maybe you're looking to put a little denim on your dong? No problem. From flames to fireworks, we're bringing the heat to take the men's funny boxer game to the next level with hilarious prints and patterns designed with the right kind of fun in mind.

Ball Hammock® Boxer Briefs, definitely the most comfortable underwear on earth

Calling our boxer briefs with a pouch the most comfortable underwear on earth is almost as bold a claim as when Charlie Sheen said he was #winning. We don't shy away from boldness, because even though there are tons of men's sexy underwear competing in the men's boxer brief olympics, our men's pouch underwear takes home the gold in every category. We're talking best in class for ball support, most effective moisture-wicking underwear, and the micro modal fabric is guaranteed to be the second softest place you put your junk all day long. With accolades like that to let you know you've chosen the best of the best in men's funny boxers, you can relax and get back to dating porn stars and raising awareness on sexual health. Guess you could say that's #winning after all.