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Ain't no snow bunnies here, just women's retro ski apparel. We've created women'...

Explore the Backcountry in Women's Retro Ski Gear & Accessories.

It's finally the weekend you've been waiting for, and a chilly, but tolerable 40 degrees and gloriously sunny outside. You and your girl gang are loading up your women's ski gear to make your way to the mountain for the weekend with nothing on your agenda besides crushing a few trails and unwinding at the lodge with the ladies. But before you set out to hit the slopes, you go over your packing list one more time. Did you pack your warmest winter gloves? Check. Your favorite retro style women's snowboard gear? Check. An extra change of women's ski clothes? Check. Various, mostly legal, consumable substances including, but not limited to: a plethora of chocolate-based snacks and enough alcohol for your whole group to strike that perfect balance between being drunk enough to stay warm but not so drunk that you fall off the chair lift? Check and check. Everything seems to be in order with all systems good to go, but you can't shake the feeling that something is missing. Better go ahead and throw in your lucky vintage ski suit along with the rest of the women's ski apparel. It might seem ridiculous, but you know from experience that you can never be too prepared for a weekend with these crazy bitches. Besides, something magical always seems to happen to your snowboard skills when you zip your lovely lady lumps into that sweet 80s suit, so you close the trunk and hop in the car with your crew.