Let me tell you a little story about how we came to start selling the best men’s underwear and the sexiest women’s underwear on the internet. We weren’t always this way. In the beginning, we didn’t dare have underwear on our website, because we were exclusively a vintage resale company. That would be kind of weird if we sold women’s panties that were considered vintage...unless you’re into that kinda thing. But as time went on, we learned that we must adapt or die. We tested, we scraped ideas, we made better ones, and now we have the best underwear for men on the market. Ball Hammocks are revolutionizing the world, one set of testes at a time. Our cheekies and thong panties? Easily the best underwear for women you can find this side of the Mississippi. Now, I can’t divulge all of our trade secrets on creating matching underwear that’s guaranteed to increase libido by 69%, but I can tell you that these undies are the second softest place for your naughty bits. We believe in our collection of underwear so wholeheartedly that we guarantee satisfaction. If you order a pair, HATE them, and hate us for it, we won’t take it personally. Just reach out and we’ll give you a full refund. Then we’ll pour a large glass of Chardonnay and cry into our laptops.