Funny Pajamas For Adults

Have you been sleeping in tuxedos and ball gowns all your life? Well have we got the product for you! We call them “pajamas” and they’re pretty much the most comfortable thing you can wear to sleep. Our adult pajamas are made of the softest fabric on this planet (or any other) ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. In fact, you’ll fall asleep so fast after putting these on that it’s caused many states to enact laws prohibiting you from driving while wearing our pajamas. We guarantee that no matter how hard you try to stay awake, if you’re wearing our pajamas you’ll eventually fall asleep. “But my partner and I just wear sweatpants and old t-shirts to bed.” What kind of a sad, pathetic life is that? Bring some joy into the bedroom with our funny pajamas for adults. The fun patterns on our pajamas ensure you’ll fall asleep with a smile on your face. “But we don’t need adult matching pajamas. My partner and I sleep naked.” Look, I know you think it’s sexy to sleep naked but all you’re doing is drenching your sheets in ass sweat every night. Put on some pajamas for the love of god.