Santa's sack is stuffed to the brim this Christmas and he's bringing all the right gifts in all the right packages. We’re talking Christmas lingerie softer than old Saint Nick’s knickers, with just enough support to keep the little helpers warm and cozy until it’s time to unwrap ‘em. We've also created women's Christmas panties, both thong & cheeky underwear to make your lady parts comfy & cozy this holiday season. Our Christmas underwear comes with a bonafide ball pouch (Ball Hammocks® only) and breathable material to keep ya cool as the North Pole. Let's see Santa's underwear do that.This year, we’ve tossed the eggnog and doused ourselves in holiday spirit with men's Christmas underwear & Christmas thong patterns to the likes of Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, penguins, snow leopards, wrapping paper, and more, all ready to neatly nestle your nads come winter.

A Variety of Holiday Underwear to Put Under the Tree

Brighten up dismal winter days and get yourself in the holiday spirit with fun Christmas undies! Whether you decide to put ninjas on your North Pole, or polar bears on your package, you can rock your cock in a different pair of funny Christmas underwear for all twelve days of Christmas. Deck your balls with festive string lights, stone-cold snowflakes, or fornicating forest creatures, and you'll feel as festive and carefree as the eleventh lord a-leaping.

Go ahead and rock around the Christmas tree all you want. Your sleigh bells are guaranteed not to jingle inside this package, but once it's unwrapped, it's definitely not going to be a silent night. That's because Mama is way more likely to be spotted kissing Santa Claus when he's got Rudolph's red nose on a pair of Christmas underwear to guide his sleigh at night, if you know what we're sayin'.

Xmas Underwear are the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your Naughty List

Forget leaving out a plate full of cookies and a glass of milk, just drop holiday underwear under the mistletoe and you'll find yourself upgraded from Santa's little helper to Santa baby faster than you can say "ho ho ho." Trust us, these Santa underwear aren't the underoos he got in his stocking as a kid. Plus, Christmas underwear like this is less messy and more practical than the dick in a box he tried to give you last year, and nuzzling his nutcracker in a soft pair of Christmas underwear will have you both feeling festive as fuck in no time.

Get a Laugh with our Funny Christmas Underwear

A pair of funny Christmas underwear is sure to be the most stolen item at your dirty Santa gift exchange, and these naughty Christmas underwear will get a laugh out of everyone from sweet Great Aunt Mildred to your perpetually trashed Uncle Bob. He probably wears Christmas undies all year round. That's because with hilarious designs and extreme comfort, a pair of xmas underwear can turn any day into Festivus, and that's what we call the reason for the season.