All I want for Christmas is Sexy Christmas Panties

Hey Santa, it's me again. I know I haven't written to you in awhile, but you know how it is, Mercury was in retrograde, Josh cheated on me, I got bangs, the whole 9 yards big man. But anywho, I've got something that I really need this year. Just like Mariah Carey said, All I Want For Christmas is sexy Christmas underwear. Santa I've been so nice, it's time for me to be a little bit naughty. I just wanna be a sexy little elf. I know that these women's Christmas panties are softer than satin and just as funny as I am after two glasses of champagne. I need a Christmas thong for that hometown bar crawl, Santa baby. Gotta impress all those boys who thought I peaked in high school. Ya, right.

The Perfect Christmas Gift: Women's Christmas Lingerie

If you're looking for the perfect gift to give that special lady, STOP RIGHT HERE. You've found it, you're basically a gift giving demigod. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back right now. We've got enough Christmas underwear for women to last your lady a lifetime. This Christmas themed lingerie feature naughty and sexy patterns like the Nutcrack-her seamless thong. This little pattern may look like it will bite, but it's soft as hell. Give your lady The Unwrap Me's cheeky holiday panties and enjoy opening up the gift with absolutely no papercuts. If you think about it, this gift is just as much for you as it is for her. Every time she wears a pair of these Christmas panties you get a funny peekaboo surprise when sexy time comes around. Not to mention, the more often she wears these, the more often sexy time will commence. If just one pair isn't enough for her, give her the gift that keeps on giving. Subscribe to the most unbasic undies subscription of all time.