There’s nothing better than putting your peach in a soft and sensual pair of cheeky panties. Don’t you just feel sexy with some cheekies showing off your assets? Because I know I feel some type of way in these undies. These ultra soft underwear feature cute and fun patterns, an elastic waistband and the perfect booty cut making them the best cheeky underwear money can buy. Forget cotton underwear and make the switch to MicroModal magic with these cheekies now. If you're feeling extra spicy, treat your peach with our women's underwear subscription.

Rub Butter on your butt with these Cheeky Panties

So women's cheeky underwear is your thang, right? Lemme tell you about how these lil numbers will fit your sweet cheeks. Our women's cheeky panties are made from a material called MicroModal which is lightweight, breathable and actually 3x softer than cotton. Wearing this material of cheeky undies kinda feels like you just rubbed room temperature butter aaaalll over your the best way. They're also naturally sweat wicking to keep you feelin' fresh. They've got a soft, flexible waistband at the top that is just the right amount of tight to hold you in without leaving those pesky creases on your hips.

Stupid-Cozy Cheeky Underwear

Hmm what more do you need to know about these? Well, I may be biased but these are the best cheeky underwear money can buy. They show just the right amount of booty to feel like sexy cheeky panties but also hug you just right to feel like you're secure. Now, feeling sexy can be important in a pair of underwear, but the most crucial point in your panties is how they feel. These cute cheeky underwear are guaranteed to be your newest favorite pair of underwear. If they're not, we'll refund you first pair. Slip your cheeks into a pair today.