Couples Matching Underwear & Undies

underwear hero

Couples matching underwear makes the day more intimate than night

How can you tell the stability of someone's relationship? Is it by their words of affirmation? Is it by the little things like holding the door open for each other? I think it's about what's underneath it all - and I'm not talking metaphorically. Couples matching underwear is a little thing for your big thing. It doesn't matter what the pattern is, it's about the ability to agree and adapt. Maybe one day, she wants to wear peacock underwear. Being that you're a couple, you happily abide and wear peacock matching undies. Maybe he wants to wear an eagle with an American flag print around the back, he's your man and you're proud of it, patriotic matching pairs of undies it is. There’s even bra and underwear sets that match your man’s Ball Hammocks™. This couples matching underwear set is an incredible way to always feel close to your better half, even if you're at the in-laws house and you know you won't be seeing each other naked for the duration of your stay.

Make the other swingers jealous with underwear sets for couples

You show up to a swingers party with your better half and a pair of matching undies. Not a lingerie set, matching underwear. Neither of you have been to a swingers party but you were invited by the other couple you hang out with regularly. Fortunately, you showed up in couples underwear, so if things get a little kinky, the other attendees know who's with who as indicated by your couples matching underwear set. You arrive, not knowing what to expect. Turns out, this is the wrong swingers party, it's the senior edition. Lord only knows how your friends could have messed this up or who invited them. Either way, you're watching Ethel and Arther get down while prune juice is being passed around like a bottle of Crown. The best part? You see that every couple is wearing matching underwear and you decide to join the fun. Whether it's now, later, or way later, couples underwear will never go out of style.