Ball Hammock® Pouch Swim Trunks

At long last: a way to keep your balls out of the water for just a few seconds longer. Meet the Ball Hammock® pouch swim trunks: swim trunks with boxer brief liner inside. If you don’t know what Ball Hammock pouch underwear is, allow me to enlighten you. Ball Hammocks are underwear with a built-in pouch for added support and security for your family jewels. It basically feels like your beach balls are being cradled on the wings of an angel. What we did with these boxer brief swim trunks is nothing short of revolutionary. We took out that pesky mesh liner and replaced it with the technology of our Ball Hammock pouch underwear. Plus, these men’s swim trunks with boxer brief liner have a multiple pockets including one built into the Ball Hammock liner. Just make sure to take your valuables out before you start the belly flop contest. These swim trunks with built in boxer brief are available in lots of prints and patterns to tickle your pickle so hop into the possibilities now.