Men's Thanksgiving Outfits

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Make Thanksgiving Great with Men's Thanksgiving Outfits

Throughout American history, men's Thanksgiving outfits have covered every inch of the fashion spectrum from the most basic black and white Pilgrim clothes all the way to elaborate, colorful costumes you see on performers helping hold down a gigantic Dora the Explorer balloon in the annual Thanksgiving Day parade.

But when you're trying to decide what to wear to your Thanksgiving dinner party this year, you're probably looking for something a little less extreme than a human acorn costume but also a little more festive than your everyday duds. That's not to say there's anything inherently wrong with your regular clothes, but think about it this way: You could carve the turkey in boring, uninspired men's Thanksgiving clothes and half heartedly wish everyone an "okay Thanksgiving," or you can carve that bird like a got dang meat sculpture artist in the kind of classy Thanksgiving button up shirt men wear when they carve turkeys like a damn champion. You can pull dessert out of the oven in a basic pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, or you can pull dessert out of the oven looking like you belong on the set of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party in one of the most badass Thanksgiving outfits men have ever seen. Those Pilgrims would have loved it fo shizzle.

In Search of an Epic Men's Thanksgiving Outfit? Look No Further

Speaking of the Pilgrims, most people think they sailed across the Atlantic in order to escape stifling religious persecution and start a brand new life in a brand new world, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. The Mayflower dropped an anchor at Plymouth Rock in search of every manner of casserole and the perfect men's Thanksgiving outfit. And who could blame them? We've all seen the impossibly gigantic Puritan-approved buckle sombreros they always seemed to be wearing. But before they created men's Thanksgiving apparel, men wore ordinary clothes for special occasions, which made every occasion seem… ordinary. Even the very first Thanksgiving was a totally awkward fashion disaster, since lots of guys showed up wearing the exact same thing. With the introduction of the first funny Thanksgiving button up shirt, men everywhere finally knew what to wear to dinner and Thanksgiving was saved. And now with plenty of awesome apparel choices for a funny holiday dinner party, yours can be, too.