Picture this. Waking up in some Thanksgiving pajamas, downing two entire feasts in those jam jams, and then already having them on for that post dinner food coma. There are certain days a year where you are legally allowed to wear pajamas all day without being judged, and Thanksgiving is one of them. When you’re running to the store to pick up the yams you forgot, Turkey pajamas will lessen the side eyes and raised eyebrows from the shoppers in real clothes. And when you are unable to move after eating your body-weight in mashed potatoes, these Thanksgiving pajamas will you carry you across the after-dinner-nap finish line.

Stand Out on Thanksgiving with These Epic Thanksgiving Pajamas

If you think wearing men's and women's Thanksgiving pajamas for adults or matching Thanksgiving family pajamas to your holiday dinner this year sounds ridiculous, go ahead and take a couple of steps back from your stifling societal expectations about pajamas and think again. Everybody knows that Thanksgiving is a time for being with our family and friends, shamelessly loading up on a year's worth of butter-laced carbs, and consuming more beer and football than a body should reasonably process in one day. But even more than all of that, Thanksgiving is known and appreciated for the tryptophan-induced nap marathon that begins the moment you swallow your last bite. Whether your nap style is to go all in with a full REM cycle while you listen to the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special or to use it as a guise for getting enough privacy to enjoy the kind of dessert you can't eat in front of grandma, a little R&R is something we can all be thankful for. So when you've reached your limit on family bonding time and there's no question about how you want to spend your Thanksgiving afternoon, why bother with the formality of traditional pilgrim clothes?

Enjoy the Start of the Holiday Season Early in Thanksgiving Pajamas for Adults

If you're the type of Fall Enthusiast who's been throwing back pumpkin spice lattes and wearing knee-high Ugg boots since mid-September, then there's absolutely no reason you should have to wait all the way until Turkey Day to embrace the extreme comfort you're so thankful for. Whether you're just trudging out to the mailbox or going to the liquor store again, Thanksgiving pajamas for adults are great for any time you want to put as little effort into getting dressed as possible. Our men's and women's Thanksgiving pajamas are made with soft, stretchy fabric, seemingly unlimited pockets for storing all manner of life-enhancing items, and a truly fantastical Thanksgiving pattern that's enough to knock "health" and "freedom" out of the running for what you're most thankful for this year. Well, it's either the Thanksgiving pajamas or that pregnancy scare turning out to be a false alarm. And if yours wasn't a false alarm, you may as well check out our Thanksgiving pjs while you're here. Congrats, by the way.