These matching Thanksgiving outfits for couples are perfect for your celebrations, no matter what they may be this year. Is the entire extended family gathering at Aunt Wendy’s? Perfect. These couples Thanksgiving outfits are bound to make a bold statement. (And yes, Aunt Wendy WILL be offended by said statement.) Are you hosting the 5th annual Friendsgiving extravaganza? These Thanksgiving couple outfits will get more attention than Diane’s jalapeño poppers, and that’s a fact. Be prepared for endless compliments coming your way, my friend. Maybe you just simply don’t like turkey, gravy, stuffing and mashed potatoes. (Maybe I think you’re psychotic, but that’s beside the point.) Even if you’re not a fan of the massive meal, everyone celebrates Thanksgiving in one way or another. Shop some matching Thanksgiving outfits and order Chinese food like you always do. This tradition can live on with just a little more pumpkin spice sprinkled on top. Any event is exponentially elevated with the presence of these couples Thanksgiving outfits.