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Heel Hammock™ Super Stupid-Soft™ Ankle Socks


So you want to show off those alluring ankles, but alas! You’re wearing loafers or sneakers and you won’t survive another blister. Luckily, we’ve got you covered, literally, JUST enough. Slip your piggies into Heel Hammock™ Super Stupid-Soft™ ankle socks. Now let me tell you how these ankle-high socks are different and better than a value pack you can buy at Costco. Heel Hammocks are luxury, high tech vehicles of extreme comfort. Every pair is made with wash-to-fit™ technology and this is how it works. You wear your ankle length socks, you put them in the wash, and when they come out of the dryer they look a little smaller than before. When you put those baddies on, they will feel brand new again. That’s the wash-to-fit™ in action. Beyond that, the more you wear and wash these socks, the better and softer they get. You can thank the worn-well™ yarn for that hot little feature. One thing that won’t be hot are your feet because this fabric is breathable for optimal foot freshness. These socks have a tab at the back and anti-slip technology to keep them where they belong. Plus, the cushioned footbed feels like you’re walking on air. We covered each pair in mild to wild prints because fun ankle socks are better than plain white ones that end up turning brownish after a few washes. Treat your feet better and get a pair of Heel Hammocks™ today.