Cute Women's Underwear: It's What's For Breakfast

Just kidding, please don't eat these women's undies for breakfast (or for any meal for that matter). This collection of undies is made to caress your booty in just the right way. Not every gal enjoys the same style of women panties, so we've created different cuts for different butts. You choose the cut of underwear that suits your tooshie best, and we'll toss every hawt pattern we've got on that cut. Choose from four different options. Our thong is silky, seamless and never shows panty lines. Our cheekies are more sexy women's panties with a higher fit on the waist and plenty of booty to go around. Bikini undies will give you that same higher waist fit but more bum coverage. And last but not least, the boyshorts will sit high on the hips and come down to cover every aspect of that booty.

Look Back At This Funny Women's Underwear

This collection of cute women's underwear is the type to make you do a double take in the mirror. Sometimes you've got sexy undies that make you feel sultry, other times you've got those period panties that really shoulda been burned years ago. But now, we're offering you the best of both worlds. This collection of cute women's underwear will not only make you feel hot as hell when you look in the mirror, but it's also guaranteed to be the comfiest undies on planet earth. You don't have to choose between sexy, comfy and fun underwear with Shinesty funny women's underwear. Plus, if you don't love your first pair of undies, we'll refund you.