Boyshort Underwear & Panties for Ladies

YES it’s time that we covered our asses, right ladies? Introducing the best cut ...

Insanely Comfortable Boyshort Panties Are Here.

Wear ‘em to bed, wear them under your favorite pair of jeans, wear them under a flowy sundress and take every single chance to flash your friends and show them the best boyshort underwear ever. Introducing your butt's best friend, this collection of women's boyshort panties. You may think of yourself as a one-style-panty-kinda gal, but I'm here to rock your friggin' world, sister. These cute boyshort panties don't have to replace your current favorite style, they're like a side of french fries with your burger. You can have them by themselves, or they can be the perfect addition to your meal.

The Women's Boyshort Underwear Everyone's Talking About.

Ok...I might be exaggerating about our women's boyshort underwear. Maybe not EVERYONE is talking about it, but I sure can't shut up about them. My mom keeps trying to change the subject back to, "When are you gonna move out of my basement and get your own place??" But me? I'm hooked on these insanely cozy boyshort panties. I never take them off, and I rarely put something on over the top (which is another point of contention with me and my above stated mother). If you're the kinda gal who loves being comfortable, then these are the undies for you. This beautiful collection of boyshorts underwear for women was made to be seen. Don't let your controlling mother tell you any differently.