Oops, We've Got Extras So You Get Up To 70% Off

Doh! We’ve got some extras lying around so we’re cutting prices to clear out some space. Our warehouse is currently overflowing and that means you can turn our botched inventory spreadsheet into your big savings. Act now and you’ll get up to 60% off on select styles. And by styles, we mean all clothing. Because this sale encompasses everything. Men’s clothes. Women’s clothes. Outfits for very large babies. But don’t wait, because as soon as we sell enough of this stuff that it all fits on one shelf again, we’re cranking things back up to full price. That’s just basic supply and demand. We have a supply of products and we demand you buy them. (We skipped a couple Econ classes, but we’re pretty sure that’s the gist of it.) So start shopping and do us a huge favor by robbing us blind.