paradICE™ Ball Hammock® Pouch Cooling Underwear

Stay frosty with paradICE™ Cooling Underwear. Made of patented brrr° cooling fabric scientifically proven to keep you up to 3° cooler. Whether you live an active lifestyle, or sit on the couch all day like me but want to have the OPTION of being active, then you need cooling underwear, men. The secret to paradICE™ Cooling Ball Hammock™ Pouch Underwear is the Triple Chill Effect. Enhanced Cooling Fibers won’t lose their effect over time, because the fabric is infused with natural cooling minerals. Hyper Wicking action moves sweat and moisture away from your skin. And Performance Drying means paradICE™ men’s cooling underwear will stay fresher longer. But you should probably still shower every now and then. This cooling men’s underwear is also engineered with mesh panels in strategic locations to maximize airflow. So say goodbye to Swamp Ass, Swamp Waist, & Swamp Thigh. Guaranteed to keep you cool in the toughest situations. Want to wait until April 14th to start your taxes? You can stay cool. Want to walk up to a grizzly bear and punch it in the face? You can stay cool. You’ll be dead, but your corpse will be incredibly comfortable. Simply put, paradICE™ Cooling Boxer Briefs are the best cool breathable boxer briefs you can buy ANYWHERE…on our website.

Men's Cooling Underwear: This Is Just A Gimmick, Right?

How dare you. If our paradICE™ Men’s Cooling Underwear is a gimmick, then we sure wasted a lot of time developing the science behind it. This underwear is specially designed with a patented cooling fabric that uses natural cooling minerals to keep you up to 3° cooler. And if your body gets any colder than that, you have to be legally declared a Yeti. But listen up: You don’t have to climb a mountain to justify wearing paradICE™ Cooling Underwear for men. Elevate your everyday underwear with the best cool breathable boxer briefs out there. Our underwear is built to withstand the extremes, but that doesn’t mean YOU have to. You deserve to feel cool and comfortable all the time. Except for when you’re in a sauna. You can take them off for that. But there’s no wrong time to wear paradICE™ Cooling Ball Hammock™ Pouch Underwear. It’s not the best cooling underwear. It’s the best underwear period.

Meet The Fabric That Stays Cool In The Heat

We’ve teamed up with brrr° to take advantage of their micro-cooling technology in our paradICE™ cooling boxer briefs. This miracle fabric is scientifically proven to keep you cool whether you’re working out, exploring the world, or just sitting too close to a space heater. paradICE™ Cooling Men’s Underwear has a Triple Chill Effect designed to keep you cool and comfortable all day long. Enhanced Cooling Fibers make the underwear cold to the touch. Hyper Wicking keeps you sweat-free. And Performance Drying keeps the underwear sweat-free. On top of that, we’ve added mesh fabric panels along the waist, thigh, and other hot spots to increase airflow and stop sweat before it starts. So now you’ve got a Quadruple Chill Effect, and we’re not even charging extra for that bonus Chill Effect. paradICE™ Cooling Underwear: The Best Cooling Boxer Briefs Money Can Buy. (Sorry, no bartering with goats.)