Men’s Long Leg Boxer Briefs Featuring Ball Hammock® Pouch Technology

For those who have always dreamed of adding 2.5 inches down there...we’ve finally done it. After years of scientific research, testing, blood, sweat and tears...we’ve accomplished the unthinkable: we have created the perfect long leg boxer briefs. That’s right. Ball Hammock® pouch underwear has been elevated from the classic 6 inch inseam on our best selling men’s pouch underwear. Long boxer briefs can now be purchased with an astounding 8.5 inch inseam for those of you who have been begging for the miracle of the built-in pouch with some extra length. These men’s long leg boxer briefs have all the same great features of the classic Ball Hammock® pouch underwear, but LONGER. Featuring ultra breathable MicroModal fabric, sweat wicking technology, 4-way stretch, wild patterns and solid prints, these extra long boxer briefs are ready to slide up onto your naughty bits. Scrotal serenity is just a few clicks away, my friend. Ball Hammock men’s long leg underwear with a built-in pouch for your manhood is finally here and ready to go home with you today. Plus, if you don’t love your first pair of pouch underwear, we will refund you 100%. Gettcha self a pair of life-changing Ball Hammocks™ today.

Long Legged Boxer Briefs: You Can’t Go Wrong With Long

Do you shudder at the thought of wearing briefs? Are standard boxer briefs TOO standard for your taste? Do you think trunks are just a compromise between those other two styles you don’t like? Are you stuck wearing spandex bike shorts as underwear because every other cut feels too short? If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, then we’ve got good news. Introducing Shinesty’s men’s long boxer briefs. (By the way, if you answered “No” to any of those questions, we’ll still sell you long leg boxers. We’re not picky.) Our men’s long boxer briefs provide 2.5 inches more thigh coverage. Why do you want that extra thigh coverage? That’s none of our business. But whether it’s for comfort or some weird sex thing, our Long Leg Ball Hammock® Pouch Underwear is here to help.

Praise For Shinesty Long Leg Boxer Briefs

“I was nervous that these boxer briefs with long legs would be TOO long and I’d constantly be tripping over all the extra fabric. Fortunately they stop about 32 inches above my feet so it hasn’t been a problem.” - Milton Alias

“I never skip knee day at the gym, but I always skip thigh day. These boxer briefs with longer legs are the perfect solution for hiding my scrawny chicken thighs while showing off my jacked patellas.” - Doug Fakename

“I’m a big and tall guy so I bought some Shinesty big and tall long leg boxer briefs. Simply put, they’re simply the best long leg boxer briefs EVER. But please don’t call me during dinner again.” - Garrett Pseudonym

“I’m confused. Shinesty’s long boxer briefs have 2.5 inches more fabric on each leg, but costs the exact same as their standard boxer briefs. How is that possible? We’ll be launching an investigation immediately.” - The IRS