Oh baby, it’s time to treat your peach to a brand new silky seamless thong. Available in the most jaw dropping patterns, these ladies panties are the most comfortable thong underwear on the internet. Heck, these ladies seamless panties might be the best on the planet. We know these fun designs may look like a novelty buy, but once you slip these sexy little numbers on, there’s no turning back. Feel extra peachy with our women's underwear subscription.

Why choose Women's Seamless Thong Underwear from Shinesty?

Seamless thongs are the greatest kind of panties a woman can wear on her peach. Usually, I would use this time to talk about the features of a product that make it the best thing to own, but in this case, the few features are what make them great. These seamless undies make panty lines completely obsolete. Ain't nobody got time for that. They are so comfortable, you may even forget you're wearing them. Oh, and did I mention, we've got fun designs on every single pair that you couldn't dream of finding at Victoria's Secret. Ladies, if you want to wear a pair of seamless panties on your peach that are sexy, seductive and extremely entertaining, look no further. With funny designs like the Welcome to Flavortown Flames, the Jeanstring and the Peacockers, these thongs are guaranteed to be the favorite pair in your underwear drawer. These printed undies are made for all. Got someone you wanna show them off to? These will definitely drop some jaws. Looking for a little bit of confidence in your undercarriage, just for you? No question, these are the skivvies for you. Get ready to rummage through your drawers every morning to find your Shinesty underwear. Queue the obsession.

Seamless Panties, the Most Comfortable Underwear on Earth

We have just received extraterrestrial intelligence that, "Shinesty's thong underwear is indisputably the most comfortable underwear on Earth." That, my friends, is a direct quote from a real life alien. Just this morning, I saw some crop circles in a distant field and decided to investigate. I came across a couple of funny lookin' martian ladies that didn't even try to conceal themselves, out of pure and utter confidence. Their demeanor told me they'd be perfect customers for our butt floss. So, naturally, I started to talk to the female aliens about their unmentionables. My first question was if they have ever worn seamless panties. Their answer was yes, but through all of the lightyears and stratospheres, they haven't been able to find something sexy, seamless and weird enough to bring them satisfaction. After slangin' a couple pairs on them, they instantly looked cooler, calmer and more confident. I immediately signed them up for a lifelong subscription as they hopped back on their UFO to go tell the distant galaxies the good news of the only unmentionables worth mentioning.

Sexy and Funny Underwear Patterns for All

Step aside, lace undies, edible panties and crotchless monstrosities, we have invented a seamless thong that is sexier than all of the above. Girls listen up, the key to being sexy is not necessarily directly correlated to being scandalous. While skin is naturally attractive, so is effortless confidence. We created undies that are made to boost your boldness, increase your attitude and arouse the libidos of everyone involved. While the comfortable fabric may have you forgetting you're wearing them, the patterns refuse to be overlooked. Wear something bold, and you will feel just the same. Spice up your underwear drawer with pattern panties that are funny, novelty, high quality and make you feel damn attractive. Love your peach, ladies.