Hers & Hers Matching Couples Panties & Underwear

Allow me to be the first to say, welcome home weary traveler. In our ongoing effort to grace the groins of every living being here on this bright blue planet, we’ve made a decision to expand our offering to more folks who we think are missing out on our tantalizing fabrics (that’s you). We recognize that we probably won’t get it right on the first try, but rest assured, we are always trying to improve and be as inclusive as possible. No matter how you identify, what you look like, what your beliefs are, or who you have a crush on, you’re all the same to us: money. That’s right, under the cold hard gaze of capitalism all are equal, and that’s on dolla dolla bills y’all. However, if you ever feel anything we do crosses a line, reach out & let us know (molly@shinesty.com). Above all, our main goal is to treat your peach with the softest underwear technology known to humankind.