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Introducing Cooling Underwear

It's like having sex with a snowman, but without all the judgement from people walking by.

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Fabric scientifically proven to keep you cool

We’ll make it simple in case you don't have a PhD in thermodynamics and a minor in marketing:

Infused With Cooling Minerals

Provides an immediate and continuous cooling effect the temperature of your skin by 3°. How you like me now, sun?


Active Wicking

Moves moisture away from your body. You don’t have to evaporate, but you can’t stay here.

Rapid Drying

Dries 2 minutes faster than other performance fabrics so you stay fresher, faster. Okay, NOW you can evaporate.

Mesh Cool Zones

Located in the pouch, hips, back and cleavage to improve airflow and stop sweat before it starts. You're blocking perspiration at the source.
Cooling Ball Hammock® boxers
Cooling Thong
Cooling Bralette
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Don't Lose Your Cool

Whether you're free climbing a sheer cliff face in 100° heat or waiting for the judge to announce the results of the paternity test, paradICE™ Cooling Underwear will keep you cool when things get hot.

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