What Is The Hole In Boxers For? The Answer Is Simple.

Have you ever wondered what the different parts of your underwear are for? We’re all pretty familiar with “leg holes” and “waistband” - unless you’ve been wearing your underwear upside down. That’s why we’ve decided to create this new Anatomy of Underwear series. In Part 1 of what could be anywhere between a 3 and 750 part series, we’re going to take a look at one of the most mysterious parts of men’s boxers: The front hole. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about the front hole:

Why do men’s underwear have a hole in the front?

It’s the same reason your penis has a hole in the front: For peeing! 

hole in boxers

What is the hole in boxers for?

Are you tired of stretching the elastic in your underwear waistband by pulling it all the way down under your balls? Are you sick of peeing in public restrooms with your pubes on full display? Then boxers with a hole in front are right for you. Underwear with a hole offers a convenient, time saving way to go to the bathroom. Experienced flap users have even been known to leave their pants buttoned and just thread their dick through the zipper for maximum privacy.

Do I have to use the hole?

Totally up to you. We’re not trying to peer pressure you here, just offering as many options as possible for when you’re standing at the urinal. Men’s underwear with a hole is all about giving you choices. Here’s a helpful rhyme:

Over the fence

Or through the gate

Pick your way to urinate!

Heck you could even drop your drawers to the floor and let your bare cheeks feel the breeze as the other guys in the public bathroom pretend not to stare. Or leave everything zipped all the way up and just pee your pants. No one can tell you how to pee. It’s up to YOU to find a system that works best for your urinary needs. If it were up to us, we’d suggest peeing your pants as often as possible to drive up underwear sales. If you are prone to peeing your pants & refuse to wash them, check out our men’s underwear subscription

Can I just let my penis hang through the hole all day?

I mean you COULD but we advise against it. And after your first experience with denim-induced dick chafe, we think you’ll agree with us.

Why isn’t there a hole in the back?

Numerous tests have determined that the hole in boxers is best limited to the front. Let’s just say it’s a little harder to aim what’s coming out of the back as opposed to the front. And the consequences of friendly fire are much higher. To put it bluntly, a few drops of urine on your underwear is much harder for others to notice than a few pieces of shit on your underwear. For those of you determined to poop while still having your legs covered in fabric, we recommend old-timey onesies with a butt flap. You can find them at any store that caters to 19th century gold miners.

What are you talking about? My boxers DO have a hole in the back.

Your underwear is on backwards, bro.

Why doesn’t women’s underwear have a hole in front?

It all comes down to aiming again. You can be a lot more accurate watering the garden with a hose than with a sprinkler.



My boxers don’t have a hole. Can I make my own?

When it comes to creating a hole in men’s underwear, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. There’s more to making a hole than just cutting your boxers with a pair of scissors. Without adding an extra flap of fabric to partially cover the hole, your penis could flop out of your underwear at any moment. With the extra fabric flap in place, your dick would have to take a 90 degree right turn, and then make a hard left to make it into open air. Most men don’t have the penile dexterity to pull off that kind of driving.

Where can I buy boxers with a hole in front?

I dunno. Google it or something. What do I look like, some sort of underwear salesperson?

Just kidding, I’m 100% an underwear salesperson. You should buy your boxers with a hole in front from Shinesty and only from Shinesty. We offer a fly on the following cuts: Standard Ball Hammock® Pouch Boxers, Long Leg Ball Hammock® Pouch Boxers, Ball Hammock® Pouch Trunks, & Ball Hammock® Pouch Briefs

And if after reading all this, you’ve decided you’d rather keep your penis locked away with no chance for escape, you can browse our entire selection of underwear and find the no-fly pair that’s right for you.

Stay Weird and Pee However You’d Like