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heel hammock socks

What are Heel Hammocks™? Your foot fetish starts here.

by Paige Gruszka

Welcome! Let’s talk about your gorgeous tootsies and our favorite ways to cover them up and leave just enough to the imagination, because #NoFreeFeetPics. Let’s get started with the reason why you’ve landed on this particular page. I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck are Heel Hammock socks? Is it something I string between two trees and raise my feet onto? Kinda like that legs up the wall trend? No it is not, but now I kinda wish it was. First, let me give you some background on the name.

Here at Shinesty, our #1 selling product is called the Ball Hammock®. Ball Hammocks are ultra soft, extremely comfortable men’s underwear with a supportive pouch inside. The pouch gently cradles your gonads, kinda like a human in a hammock, or a baby in its’ mothers arms, or an egg resting easy in it’s perfectly shaped carton. Hence the name Ball Hammock. We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of pairs of Ball Hammocks, and don’t get me wrong, we love holding your balls, but we realized we were neglecting some balls. Specifically, the balls of your feet. So that is why we created unisex men’s and women’s Heel Hammock socks: the best in comfort and function your feet can get. All of that was a long winded way to say…Heel Hammocks are the best socks you’ve ever had.

Why are Heel Hammocks better than other socks?

I’m so glad you asked, because I have an abundance of knowledge about these socks that is just waiting to pour out of me like the gooey innards of a lava cake. There are two main reasons why these luxury socks are better than others. Those reasons are called Wash-To-Fit™ technology and Worn-Well™ yarns.

What in the heck is Wash-To-Fit™ technology?

It’s exactly what it sounds like - you wash your socks for them to fit better. After you pull these socks out of the washer and dryer, you will notice that they look slightly smaller than when you put them in. Don’t panic, this is an essential feature, and where the magic happens. In the washer and dryer, your socks do a hard reset. They get slightly smaller and tighter so that every time you put on your Heel Hammocks, it feels like the very first time wearing them. No more stretched out socks that slowly creep down your heel as you walk or bunch up in your shoe because they’ve gotten too worn out.

wash to fit technology

What are Worn-Well™ Yarns?

Heel Hammocks are made with our Super Stupid-Soft™ proprietary blend of fabrics that we call Worn-Well yarns. Like a fine wine, they only get better and softer with age. The yarns in the socks bond together as you wear and wash them to help contribute to the super stupid-softness you feel on your dogs.

worn well yarns

What styles do Heel Hammocks Come In?

You can try Heel Hammocks in two styles: ankle socks and crew socks. If you’re trying to decide which to pick between crew vs. ankle socks, this should help.

What are ankle socks?

Ankle socks are shorter socks that come up just above your ankle. Each pair has a cushioned footbed, breathable yarns, seamless construction, an anti-slip tab at the achilles to help them stay in place, and just enough compression to make them extremely comfortable. These socks are covered in unique prints to add a little smirk to your day when you pick them out of your sock drawer. Wear ankle socks with tennis shoes, short boots or booties, clogs, and any other shoe your foot desires.

What are crew socks?

Crew socks come up to your mid-calf for added compression, comfort and style. Heel Hammock crew socks are ribbed for your pleasure, feature a cushioned foot bed, seamless construction and breathable yarns. If you’re considering crew socks vs. ankle socks, the main difference is length. Ankle comes to your ankle while crew goes about halfway up your calf. Wear crew socks with fun tennis shoes, under tall boots, peeking up above your boots/booties, with slippers and any other way your heart and feet desire. Those are just a few ways to style your crew socks, but the possibilities are as endless as the depths of your imagination.

ankle sock v crew sock

Now I hope that you know more about Heel Hammock socks than you ever thought necessary. You won’t realize how badly you need new socks until you try these luxury Heel Hammocks. Become a socks addict. Your feet deserve it.

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