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Thinking Outside The Boxers: A Comprehensive Guide To Men’s Boxer Briefs

by Nate Charny

There comes a point in every man’s life where he gets tired of being bullied for wearing briefs. For me it was my freshman year of high school. So I switched to boxer briefs. Or rather, I asked my mom to switch me to boxer briefs. She bought all my clothes back then. My therapist and I are still working to unpack how this affected me over the years. But that’s an issue for another blog post. Today we’re taking a deep dive into the most popular style of men’s underwear ever created: Boxer Briefs.

What are boxer briefs?

Boxer briefs are a snug fitting style of men’s underwear that covers a portion of your thighs in addition to your crotch and butt.

what is a boxer brief

Are boxer briefs bad?

Oh they’re bad to the bone, baby! Fellas, do you wanna show off your goods when you take off your pants? Well then look no further than boxer briefs, men.

When were boxer briefs invented?

Hang on, let me Google that. Ok it looks like boxer SHORTS were invented in 1925. I guess dudes just went commando before then. Standard briefs followed ten years later in the 1930s. And then it took 50ish years for someone to combine the two into what we know today at boxer briefs. They started appearing in pop culture in 1980 before taking off in popularity in the 1990s. But it wouldn’t be until 2014 when a company called Shinesty introduced Men’s Ball Hammock® Pouch Underwear that the boxer briefs’ design would be perfected.

Boxer Briefs v. Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are loose, billowy, and bunch up under your pants until the inseam gets stuck between your thigh and your balls. Speaking of your balls, if you’re wearing boxer shorts, everyone will be able to see them if you sit down. On the other hand, boxer briefs are tighter and more supportive with a flexible fabric that stays in place all day long.

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What’s the difference between boxer briefs and spandex bike shorts?


What makes boxer briefs so popular?

The fashion industry started putting male models in boxer briefs in the early 90s. The rest of us uggos saw these beautiful men chiseled out of granite and wanted to look like them so we ditched our tighty-whities and made the switch.

Do I have to be a boxer to wear boxer briefs?


What about MMA?

Also no.

How should boxer briefs fit?

Boxer briefs should be snug and form fitting. If your face turns purple, they’re too tight. If they keep falling around your ankles, they’re too loose.

Do boxer briefs help with chafing?

Absolutely. Boxer shorts are loose and their fabric constantly shifts around like a layer of sandpaper between your pants and your balls. Boxer briefs on the other hand support and caress your sensitive man bits while reducing the need to scratch or adjust.

Why do boxer briefs have a pouch?

Well they didn’t always. And what a dark time in history it was. Shinesty’s boxer briefs have a Ball Hammock® Pouch to support your family jewels and prevent them from getting squished when you sit down or cross your legs.

Are boxer briefs right for me?

I don’t know you, but yes. For a more detailed explanation of why, check out our recent blog post on the best underwear for men.

Where can I buy the best boxer briefs for men?

Amazon. Oh wait, you said the best. Then you want to head to Shinesty. They’ve got multiple styles of boxer briefs with a wide variety of prints ranging from G-rated to NSFW.

I want a bunch of boxer briefs but don’t want to pay full price. Can you help?

I gotchu. Shinesty’s pack builder lets you bundle together as many pairs as you want. And each pair you add to your pack saves you more money – up to 33% off per pair!

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