What the freakin’ heck is a g-string, anyways?

by Paige Gruzska

A g-string is a type of thong underwear characterized by its minimalistic coverage of the genitals, an extremely thin waistband, and a string-like piece of fabric that goes up the booty. All g-strings are thongs, but not all thongs are g-strings. Capeesh?

Why is it called a g-string? Gimme a history lesson

The specific history of the g-string is actually a bit fuzzy. There is not a super specific starting point for the first ever g-string, but the internet has got some solid ideas.

It is possible that the first ever g-string was a 19th century Native American loincloth. These loincloths were a piece of fabric covering the genitals, a thinner waistband and a piece of fabric up the bum. The opinion of linguist Robert Hendrickson is that the G in g-string refers to the word “groin” which was a taboo word to say back then. A blog writer Cecil Adams’s opinion is that the G could refer to the word “girdle” and the term girdle string can be dated back to as early as 1846.

My personal favorite historic use of the g-string dates back to 1999 when Tarzan wore a g-string in the iconic Disney flick featuring countless hits by our main man, Phil Collins.

When did g-strings really get popular?

The roaring 20’s is the time period when g-strings skyrocketed in popularity. They were most often used by Burlesque dancers during their on-stage performances. Then, in the late 80’s and early 90’s, g-strings became a popular item of competition clothing among male bodybuilders. Male g-strings are specifically made to support and completely cover the male genitalia while letting the judges get an eye-full of aaaaaalllll of those taut booty muscles.

Nowadays, g-strings are a popular option for strippers because of the minimal coverage and the tight strings allowing for an easy capture of dolla dolla bills y'all. g-strings are also a popular lingerie item. They are frequently paired with a babydoll top. Don’t know wtf a babydoll top is? Check out this blog post about all the different types of lingerie. g-strings can also be worn as a personal preference as a type of panties - specifically a thong. g-strings are a great underwear choice for minimizing panty lines.

Are g-strings comfortable?

The comfort of a g-string is a matter of preference. If you usually wear bikini or boyshort women’s underwear, you may not find a g-string to be comfortable because you are used to the fabric covering a larger area of your nether regions. If you are used to wearing thongs of varying fabric materials like cotton, polyester or nylon, you will likely find a g-string to be a comfortable pair of underwear. If you are accustomed to more dainty fabric types such as silk, satin and lace, you may find the thin pieces of fabric to feel a little bit harsh on your groin and hips.

Overall, there’s no harm in trying! Take a g-string for a test run to see if you think g-strings are comfortable. Who knows, you may decide to replace your entire underwear collection with g-strings!

Alright I’m convinced. I’m gonna get me a g-string. How do I care for such a small pair of underwear?

You will wash and care for your g-string just like any other pair of underwear. Check on the tag on your garment to ensure you are washing it correctly. If you need more details on how to wash your undies, check out this blog on washing undies. If you just so happen to be human and get a period stain on your new g-string, check out this blog on how to get period stains out of underwear.

Sadly, we cannot give you the perfect g-string on, but we can give you a variety of other underwear options from thongs to boyshorts and matching bralettes right here. If you’re in the mood to save money, start a subscription with any pair to save up to 35%, get free shipping and be able to cancel whenever your heart desires. Now get outta here and get your g-string on.

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