What is lingerie…exactly…?

by Paige Gruszka

Let’s define it. The word lingerie is a french word simply meaning, “undergarments,” so by definition, lingerie is any underwear really. But modern society has taken the word and slapped lipstick and lace on it and made it even hotter. The word lingerie is used to specifically describe sexy undergarments.

Lingerie is usually characterized by the type of fabric used. Usually, lingerie is made from lightweight and flowy materials such as silk, lace and satin. Although, in reality, lingerie can be made from any material. What makes an item lingerie rather than just another pair of underwear or a bra is the idea that this item of clothing can evoke erotic feelings, look especially alluring and be downright sexy. Underwear is not always sexy, but lingerie is.

what is lingerie

Wait wait, how do you spell lingerie? Did I spell it right?

You got it. It’s spelled lingerie but it’s pronounced like “laan-zhr-ay.” It’s one of those sultry French words like croissant and putain. The word lingerie feels soft as butter rolling off the tongue, but, to be honest, the item of clothing itself may not be as comfy. A lot of the time, it’s a bit of a relief to get it off. Yes, I am speaking from personal experience. While lingerie itself may not always stress physical comfort, it should always promote emotional comfort and self love.

A lot of the time when we put on lingerie, it’s most likely for someone you’re attracted to to look at and promptly remove. But you know what makes you look even more beautiful in that lacey strappy set that took 13 minutes to get on? If you feel beautiful in the mirror first. Lingerie can inspire body positivity and confidence that being in your birthday suit may not emulate. It accentuates those assets and makes everything feel just a little more flirty. Damn even just talking about it has me feelin’ myself right now! That's what lingerie should do for you too.

Do men like lingerie?

Does a bear shit in the woods? LOL jk (kinda). It’s no secret that men are visual creatures. They do have a tendency to stare at something that draws their attention. You can absolutely wear lingerie for your man. BUT, please remember, first and foremost, that you should wear lingerie if YOU want to. If you try it out and you don’t feel that boost of confidence in the mirror, scrap it!

wear lingerie for you

Lingerie should make you feel like an icon, Aphrodite in the mirror, a gorgeous queen staring back at you. So remember, first, make sure you feel comfortable, confident and sexy. Once you feel assured, then you can share your hotness with someone else.

Additionally, everyone has their own preferences! If you try out lingerie for a partner or prospective partner and they aren’t immediately enraptured by your body, don’t panic. Some people like whipped cream on their sundae, some don’t, and that’s okay.

How do I wear lingerie?

This is a loaded question, my queens. Some lingerie may be simple like a lacey padded bra and seductive tiny panties while others can be filled with straps, lace, pleather, buckles and elastic. The easiest way to understand how to put on your new lingerie is to take a peek at the model wearing the item. If you buy the piece online, this should be super easy. If you are buying a piece in person, consider asking a sales associate to explain the outfit to you. Don’t you dare be embarrassed. You’re on a fun and exciting journey and they can be your guru.

Lingerie can be worn on its own when it’s time to have some fun in the bedroom. It can also be worn underneath your clothes for a spicy surprise when the bedroom rodeo kicks off.

Soooo how do I wash my lingerie?

As always, your holy grail lies on the tag of your garment. Take a peek and follow instructions accordingly. If you don’t have a tag, listen here. Lingerie is usually made from more delicate materials and therefore will benefit from a gentle hand wash. When in doubt, follow these instructions on how to hand wash your underwear and learn other neat tricks too like how to get period stains out of underwear.

This all sounds great, but what if I wanna be comfy AND sexy?

GIRL do I have an idea for YOU. Being comfortable and sexy is always attainable, especially when you have the right pairs of underwear. You’ve come to the perfect place to find booty bliss. Shinesty women’s underwear not only feels like a cozy hug from a plushy cloud, it’s also covered in fun and flirty designs or simple and cute colors. If you don’t love your first pair, they’re free. Not sure which style is right for you? Let’s walk through the different underwear types here.

Now that you are knowledgeable in the french art of lingerie, get out there and make things sexy.

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