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Kilts: What’s Up With Them? And What’s Under Them?

by Nate Charny

Skirts For Scotsmen

Kilts. They’re not just designed to help burly Scottish men cosplay as sexy schoolgirls. Kilts are a traditional Scottish garment with military roots. They don’t hinder your movement and offer unmatched air circulation. The only downside of course being that they provide no protection against genital snake bites. Personally, that’s reason enough for me to never put one on. Even so, kilts remain popular to this day among the Scottish as well as any dude looking to attract attention in public.

Kilt Me Now: A Brief History Of The Kilt

Anyone who’s binged Outlander (or at least fast-forwarded to get to all the sex scenes) is familiar with what the original kilts looked like. They were much longer than modern kilts. In addition to wrapping around your waist, they’d wrap around your back and shoulders, acting as a cloak. These kilts were designed to protect their wearers from bad weather. Or at least protect their upper bodies while their balls froze off.

Do Men Wear Underwear Under Kilts?

I get it. We’re all curious to see what is under men’s kilts. The easiest way to answer this question is to go up to a man in a kilt and lift it over his head. You’ll find out pretty quickly if he’s wearing underwear or not. You’ll also find out pretty quickly that you’re missing a lot more teeth than you were a second ago.

As far back as the 18th century, Scottish soldiers didn’t wear anything underneath their kilts because the military dress code didn’t specify if they were supposed to. I feel like someone could’ve just asked their commanding officer for clarification, but apparently it was easier to just freeball it for hundreds of years. In fact, the phrase “going commando” has its origins in the Scottish tradition of soldiers not wearing underwear under their kilts.

But…Why? Why Wouldn’t You Want To Wear Underwear?

I honestly have no idea. And while that’s largely because I work for an underwear company and this blog post is actively trying to get you to buy underwear, it’s also just not my personal preference. At least with a kilt your penis wouldn’t be chafing against the harsh denim of jeans. But still, those kilts are made of wool. Wool’s itchy. Now a cashmere kilt, THAT I could get behind. Of course then you have the issue of cashmere rubbing against your butt and that sounds like a nightmare to clean. Sorry, what were we talking about?

What Is Worn Under A Kilt?

These days, it’s more about personal preference than following a military dress code. Some men still prefer to wear nothing under their kilts. But it is now widely accepted to wear an undergarment of some type under your kilt. From boxer briefs, to a banana hammock, to just a sock over your dong, there are numerous ways to keep your genitals hidden during strong gusts of wind. There’s not one specific kilt underwear. So have some fun and experiment with finding the right style for you.

kilt and underwear

Hey What’s Up With That Thing On The Front Of A Kilt? You Know What I’m Talking About. It Dangles From A Rope And I Think It’s Like Horse Hair Or Something?

Ah yes, you mean the “sporran.” I definitely didn’t just have to Google that right now to find out. If a kilt is a man’s skirt, a sporran is that man’s purse. It’s a decorative satchel that was originally designed to hold food and military supplies. Nowadays your sporran is pretty much a fancy fanny pack that can hold anything you like. Personally I’d keep a pair of underwear in there just in case it gets chillier than expected when I’m out kilting.

Conclusion: Serial Kilter

Ultimately, when it comes to what’s underneath your kilt, the choice is yours. If you decide you want to wear underpants, that’s perfectly fine. Check out our wide variety of MEN’S UNDERWEAR for some great options. If you decide you don’t want to wear underwear, that’s fine too.

Stay Weird & Go In For The Kilt

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