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How to Fold Underwear to Save Space

by Paige Gruszka

Not all underwear are created equal, so we’ll walk through different ways to fold underwear for men and women. It just so happens that these different cuts are available for purchase on Coincidence?

  • How to fold thongs
  • How to fold cheekies and bikinis
  • How to fold boyshort underwear
  • How to fold boxers & boxer briefs
  • How to fold briefs

Tell your underwear drawer to take a deep breath, because we’re about to Marie Kondo the frickin’ heck out of it. We’re all here for the same reason: we need a bit more organization in our lives. We’re gonna find that today by learning how to fold underwear. Now, I’m going to say something that will contradict the rest of this blog post: folding underwear is not necessary, but neither is making your bed. We choose to organize certain aspects of our lives because it helps us to reduce anxieties and make us feel in control. My underwear drawer used to be a complete clusterf*ck until I learned how to fold women’s underwear. Now that I learned how to properly roll my panties, I feel like I could do anything.

How to fold thongs:

Thongs are tricky little numbers. They have significantly less fabric than most other cuts of underwear making them difficult to fold. If you’re in a pinch, I recommend simply grabbing the hip fabric and laying the thong out in a line. Simply stack all of your thongs on top of eachother in a line by the hip and lay them directly into your underwear drawer. This isn’t the prettiest, or most organized option, so let’s talk about how to fold them.

  1. Lay your thong out flat with the front facing down
  2. Pull the crotch up to meet the top of the waistband
  3. Fold the right hip side to meet the middle of the undies.
  4. Repeat with the left side. Now you should have a small square.
  5. Keep it as is, or, fold in half again for a small rectangle.

Voilà! You’ve got a neat folded thong that can easily stack in your underwear drawer or travel suitcase.

folding a thong

How to fold cheeky or bikini underwear:

Cheeky underwear and bikini underwear generally have the same shape which is why we’ve bundled them together for this folding method. We’re gonna show you how to roll underwear. This rolling method can also be used with ANY cut of underwear including 0” inseam men’s boxer briefs. This method is recommended by the Queen of organization herself, Marie Kondo, as the best way to fold underwear.

  1. Lay underwear on a flat surface vertically, with the front facing up, and the waistband on the left hand side.
  2. Fold the crotch up to the top of the waistband.
  3. Take the left side hip and fold it down onto the right side hip
  4. Starting at the bottom, begin rolling the fabric tightly into itself

BOOM! Now you’ve got a tight roll that can be neatly wedged into your drawer alongside your other pairs.

how to fold cheeky underwear

How to fold boyshorts:

We’re going to show you how to fold boyshorts in a way that’s a little bit different from the others. This method will teach you how to fold underwear to save space.

  1. Instead of laying the underwear flat with the front side facing up (like all of the other methods), pinch the undies at the front middle waistband (belly button area) and the back middle waistband (butt crack area) and then lay flat.
  2. Fold the bottom up to the waistband
  3. Fold the left side into the middle
  4. Fold the right side into the middle

Weee! Now you have a cute little square of your boyshort underwear.

how to fold boyshort underwear

How to fold boxers & boxer briefs:

Men’s underwear tends to have a bit more fabric than traditional women’s underwear, and therefore will be folded slightly differently. This method of folding men's underwear will leave you with a neat square fold.

  1. Lay the boxer briefs on a flat surface face up with the waistband at the top.
  2. Fold into thirds by taking the left side into the middle and repeat with the right side so you have a long rectangle.
  3. Fold the bottom of the underwear up to the middle of your rectangle, and then once more to meet the waistband.

NICE! Flip your underwear over to admire your masterpiece.

how to fold mens underwear

How to fold briefs:

Briefs are different from regular boxer briefs because they have a 0” inseam. You may have heard these referred to as tighty whities. Hey, don’t knock ‘em ‘til you try ‘em. We will fold these in the same fashion as the first section: thongs.

  1. Lay your briefs out flat with the front facing down
  2. Pull the crotch up to meet the top of the waistband
  3. Fold the right hip side to meet the middle of the undies. Repeat with the left side. Now you should have a small square.

Score! Your briefs are folded all nicely now.

how to fold briefs

How are we feeling now that we’ve learned how to properly fold underwear for drawers? I bet you’re just itching to get into your underwear drawer and organize the heck out of it. I know I am. When you’re in there, keep this simple fact in mind: the average person keeps their underwear for 7 years. That’s a really long time. While you’re practicing your new folding methods on your old underwear, think, “When did I buy this pair of underwear?” If you can’t remember, or if the colors are faded, or if the elastic is stretched out, or if there are strings hanging loose…it’s probably time to overhaul your collection.

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Stay Weird & Keep Folding

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