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What To Do With Your Old Underwear (Besides Burn It)

by Nate Charny

Old underwear is a lot like old people. They used to be fun and reliable, but now looking at them just kind of makes you sad. So what are you supposed to do when they get worn out and tattered? Throw them in a dumpster? With underwear, that’s wasteful. With old people, that’s a crime. (Learned that one the hard way.)

So what are you supposed to do with your old underwear? If you’re a dad, the answer is simple: Just keep wearing it. Society’s expectations for your sense of fashion could not be lower. But for the rest of us, here’s some guidance:

Can you donate old underwear?

Yes! In today’s culture of fast fashion, donating your old underwear is an easy way to protect the environment and help create a more sustainable fashion industry.

Does Goodwill take worn out underwear?

Goodwill does not accept donations of used underwear. As a general rule, if your bare butt has rubbed against something for years, Goodwill won’t take it. I know, what prudes!

What about the Salvation Army thrift stores?

No - same policy as Goodwill. It’s pretty much true across all second hand clothing stores.

There’s a local thrift store in my neighborhood called St. Vincent de Paul. What about them?

Probably not for the butt rubbing reasons mentioned above. But I haven’t been to every thrift store in the country (yet!) so feel free to ask for yourself.

Ok, well then how can I recycle my old underwear?

The best way is to find a charity or organization that specializes in reusing or recycling textiles. A quick Google will help you find nearby options.

how to recycle used underwear

That sounds hard. Can you do it for me?

Fine, but just this once. Here are a few of the organizations that accept used underwear donations:

All Underwear:

Bras Only:

can you donate underwear

Can I sell my used panties?

Are you a hot chick with an open mind? Then maybe! You can read more about selling panties here.

Are there other options?

Absolutely. Maybe start a retirement home where old pairs of underwear can meet other old pairs of underwear and live out the rest of their golden years together. Oh and if the underwear is 100% cotton or silk, you can actually compost it after you remove the elastic waistband. Probably should’ve said that one first.

A lot of my underwear is old. Do I have to get rid of it all?

No, not all at once. How many pairs do you have? Check out our blog on how many pairs of underwear you should have.

A great way to phase out your old underwear and replace it with new pairs is by signing up for a monthly underwear subscription.

Can I just throw my old underwear in the trash?

Sure. It’ll end up in a landfill next to a bunch of other people’s old underwear. But as you’ve seen above, there are plenty of better options that are more environmentally friendly. I hope you make the right choice.

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