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fathers day shinesty gift guide

Shinesty’s 2023 Father’s Day Gift Guide

(If you’re reading this in 2028, don’t worry, it’s still the best guide out there.)

by Nate Charny

Father’s Day is a special day for dads. Every year, it starts the same way: Reminding him that it’s Father’s Day. He should really get a calendar. But finding the perfect present for the dad in your life can be tough. Unless you have an older sibling who just lets you pay for half of THEIR gift.

Fortunately, there’s one gift that every dad can always use: Underwear! Need proof? Go open his underwear drawer. I guarantee some of those pairs are from when he was still in high school. This guide will help you determine the ideal pair of underwear for the man in your life. And while he may not be perfect, your present to him can be.

Our Father’s Day designs highlight the things dads love most:


Always be prepared…to stop at a hardware store and buy more of them.


It’s where he parks his truck.


Can't tear him away from the course


AKA the reason why there’s a fridge in the garage.

Absolute Darkness!

“If you’re not in the room, turn off the damn lights.”

Start shopping now, because June 20th is closer than you think. Worse, Father’s Day is on June 18th, so you just lost 2 days!


Which style of underwear is right for the dad in my life?

All our men’s underwear has a Ball Hammock® Pouch inside to support and protect his family jewels. But you’ll still have to choose from our wide variety of styles. Best way to decide what underwear is the winner for your special guy is to check out our Men's Underwear Guide.

How do I know what size to buy?

Size matters. Not so much when it comes to what’s inside his underwear, but definitely when it comes to the underwear itself. Make sure he gets the Goldilocks of underwear with our Men’s Sizing Guide.

How many pairs make a good Father’s Day gift?

One easy solution is to take your credit card limit ($10,000) and divide it by the cost of a pair of underwear ($27) which comes to 370 pairs. Obviously your number will vary depending on how many credit cards you’re willing to max out.

But if you’re on a budget, there are some simple ways to save a few bucks on your Father’s Day present.

Build A Pack

Buy multiple pairs and multiply your savings, up to 33% off per pair. A great option if you find more than one print you know he’ll like.

Gift A Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving! Dad gets a fresh pair of underwear delivered every month. You save up to 35% per pair. There are a ton of other benefits you can read about here.

Stay Weird & Honor Thy Father

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