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I’ve Got The Runs: The Best Men’s Underwear For Running

by Nate Charny

Runners spend a ton of time & money researching the best shoes. But there’s another body part that takes just as much of a beating during a long run. (It’s your penis & testicles.) Let’s take some time to learn about the best men’s underwear to wear while running.

Commando or Commandon’t: Are you supposed to wear underwear with running shorts?

My general rule is if it’s anything other than a swimsuit, you should be wearing underwear with it. Underwear is especially important for runners because it prevents your thighs from rubbing against each other and chafing. And more importantly, it prevents your junk from rubbing directly against your running shorts. You know how marathon runners’ nipples will bleed from chafing against their shirt? Well that applies down south too and you should do whatever it takes to avoid the experience.

But wouldn’t not wearing underwear while running increase breathability and air flow?

Technically yes, but your running shorts better be made of silk or chihuahua fur. Otherwise any benefit you get from air flow will be canceled out by weeks of penile agony every time a light breeze brushes against your chafed dingdong.

What is the best underwear for running?

The best underwear for running will provide several important features:

  • Support: You want your balls secure. And if your shorts are very short, to avoid danglers.
  • Comfortable Fit: A snug fit that doesn’t ride up will prevent chafing.
  • Flexibility: You stretch before a run. Your underwear should stretch during it.
  • Breathable Fabric: Increased air flow helps keep you from overheating.
  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric: Unless sweat stains become fashionable one day, this is a necessity.
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Oh and isn’t this convenient? These features of great men’s running underwear can all be found in the standard cut of Ball Hammock® Pouch Underwear. They’ve got a supportive Ball Hammock® pouch, a gusseted crotch for increased mobility, and MicroModal fabric that’s 3x softer than cotton, wicks away sweat, and offers unmatched breathability.

To minimize chafing, it’s best to avoid briefs and wear underwear that has leg coverage. Even if they’re marketed as men’s running briefs, you should be skeptical of any cut that doesn’t offer at least some leg coverage. If you want extra coverage, check out Long Leg Ball Hammock® Pouch Underwear. If you want less coverage, then try Ball Hammock® Pouch Trunks Underwear.

If you want to take things to the ultimate level of comfort while running, consider upgrading to underwear made from a cooling fabric, like paradICE™ Cooling Ball Hammock® Pouch Underwear.

Shinesty’s cooling underwear has even more features that benefit runners:

  • Fabric infused with natural cooling minerals keeps you up to 3 degrees cooler & helps regulate your body temperature during intense workouts
  • Mesh zones provide increased airflow
  • Active moisture wicking fabric pulls sweat directly off your body
  • Quick drying fabric makes it the best sweat proof underwear available

Let’s Get Personal: Do YOU wear underwear with running shorts?

My running shorts don’t need underwear. That’s because I run in Ball Hammock® Athletic Shorts by Shinesty that feature a built-in liner, so I never have to worry about underwear.

The liner is made from cooling fabric AND it has a hidden pocket to securely store my phone during runs. That’s clutch because I use my phone to listen to music & podcasts while I run. I also use my phone to call Ubers to take me home when I get bored of running after mile 2.

Stay Weird & Run For It

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