Thongs. Hate them or love them, they’re here to stay (up your butt)

by Paige Gruzska

Welcome to the wonderful world of all things THONGS! Let’s talk about what they are, how they were invented, how they’ve evolved, different types and where to get your hands on a few pairs of those skimpy lil undies.

What are thongs?

Thongs are a specific style of women’s (or men’s) underwear characterized by the lack of coverage of the booty. A thong typically covers the genitalia, has a thinner waistband, and has a strip of fabric that goes between the butt cheeks and connects to the waistband and the front section of the garment. Thongs are also popular as a style of women’s swimwear and men’s and women’s competitive bodybuilding outfits.

Who invented thongs?

There is no one person we can attribute the invention of the thong panties to, but people have been wearing them since basically the start of time. Remember the loin cloth? The thin waistband with a flap of fabric to cover the genitals that ancient Egyptians wore? That’s the first iteration of the thong we can pinpoint. If you’d like to learn more, check out our blog detailing the history of underwear.

Obviously, the style has evolved (and improved) over time. In 1939, the nude dancers at the New York World’s fair were ordered to cover their bodies, so they wore thongs instead of their birthday suits. Nice work-around, right? In 1974 when Los Angeles banned nude tanning on the beach, a designer created a thong bathing suit. Free those cheeks! In the 1980’s, multiple famous pop singers like Madonna and Cher wore thongs on stage while performing. All hail the booty-ful queens. In the 1990’s thongs really started to pop off for both men and women as everyday underwear, swimwear, bodybuilding competition wear, and strippers preferred underwear style.

Why wear thongs?

To wear, or not to wear, that is the question. Let’s go through some pros and cons of wearing thongs.


  • They help reduce VPL (visible panty lines) making thongs a great style of underwear to wear under leggings.
  • Many people find them more comfortable than any other underwear style. (Having fabric up your butt may take some getting used to. Give it some time!)
  • They tend to be thin, making the fabric comfortable on the skin and making them very easy to pack into a drawer or in a suitcase for your vacation.
  • When a piece of fabric is always up your butt, you can’t really get MORE of a wedgie. This makes them good for everything from walking, to working out, to attending a formal event. No more wedgie picking.


  • If you get pantsed, you’re showing a lot of booty to the world.
  • Some people have a hard time getting used to the string up the bum and do not think they’re comfy.
  • Since there’s not much fabric, they’re kinda impossible to fold, but you can try your best with the help of this blog post.
Shinesty Image

As you can see, there are a lot more benefits to thongs than drawbacks. There are all kinds of thongs in the world from G strings, to swimsuits, to seamless/no show made from all different types of materials from nylon, to lace, to leather, to MicroModal and so much more. Here are a few of our favorite thongs:

The Seamless Thong:

This thong is made from nylon and spandex with a raw cut edge that lays flush with your skin to reduce panty lines and increase comfort. It’s also got a cotton liner for extra breathability. Ooo la laaa. Explore every seamless thong from simple solids to wild prints. Pro Tip: you can start a subscription with any pair to save 35% and get free shipping.

The Cooling Thong:

This thong is made from a patented fabric that is proven to keep you 3° cooler. It’s quick drying, hyper wicking and cool to the touch. Get yourself a cooling thong and don’t forget the matching cooling bralette.

The Lace Thong:

A nylon and spandex blend with sexy lace accents on the hips. It’s the perfect combo of comfy and sexy. Pick your favorite print here.

Not sold on thongs? Take a peek at this comprehensive guide to different styles of women’s underwear and then shop every style of women’s underwear money can buy (on

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