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What Is The Pocket In Women's Underwear For? The Secret Is Finally Revealed.

by Paige Gruszka

Calling all people who are familiar with women’s underwear. Maybe you wear it, maybe you just do your entire family’s laundry, maybe you work in retail and fold 100 pairs a day. No matter what, we’re all here because we have one simple but gnawing question: what is the pocket in women’s underwear for? Well my friends, I’m here to set the record straight.

what is the little pocket in womens underwear for

WTF is that little pocket in the crotch of my underwear?

If you’re already lost, let me set the scene. In (almost) every single pair of ladies panties, you will find a piece of fabric that is foreign to the rest of the underwear. This kinda looks like a pocket in panties.

This piece of fabric in your panties is called the gusset and it exists to help your coochie breathe and make it feel as healthy and comfy as physically possible.

women's underwear gusset

Let's say the pair of underwear you’re wearing are fully lace WITHOUT one of those little pockets in women’s underwear. Imagine how it would feel down south if you DIDN’T have that extra slot of fabric.

Let’s hop into the deets that may be a little TMI for some, so proceed with caution. Lace is airy, right? But it’s a synthetic which doesn’t breathe very well. And theoretically speaking, there’s no fully enclosed piece of fabric keeping your coochie separated from your pants. That means discharge could make its way through the lace and onto your pants. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Additionally, lace can feel pretty soft, but you know what else is soft? Your labia. After a day filled with moving around, that lace straight on your lips may start to feel sensitive and irritated. Once again, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Additionally, lots of women have additive sensitivities in the nether region. That is why almost ALL women’s underwear that is made for everyday wear will be lined with a breathable cotton liner. Formerly known to most as those unnecessary little pockets in panties.

Most companies will use 100% cotton or another type of non-synthetic fabric for their panty liner because natural fibers such as cotton are breathable and highly absorbent to prevent friction and reduce your risk of infection. This added piece of fabric helps keep things hygienic to cut down on the risk of developing UTI’s and yeast infections.

gusset of womens underwear

Let your coochie breathe

Breathability in girl’s underwear is of vital importance to the health and well being of your vajeen. That is why those breathable small pockets are so important because lots of underwear brands are NOT made from breathable material.

Now, listen up. I am NOT saying that you shouldn’t wear your favorite sexy and lacy thong, or that you should chuck all of your old underwear and replace them with some ultra-breathable, extra soft MicroModal underwear. You simply should understand that lots of different factors, including the types of fabric getting cozy with your coochie, have different effects on your body. I encourage you to educate yourself so you can wear the best underwear for YOU.

let your coochie breath

That means pairs that make you feel sexy, safe, secure, comfortable, confident and fresh as hell.

  • If that’s lace for you: Make sure they have a breathable liner! I’d also recommend choosing a different type of material when you work out or have a long day with lots of walking. This will help you avoid irritation.
  • If sexy lingerie is important to you: GET IT GIRL! Just make sure to properly launder your items after using them to rid them of any bacteria and keep them as fresh and sexy as you are.
  • If you have no idea what material your underwear is made from: go check your tags! And from now on, you can be more informed before purchasing to make sure you’re choosing underwear featuring a breathable liner.
  • If you go commando: you’re already giving societal norms the finger, and we love that for you. And if you don’t ever let a breeze hit your bum, we suggest giving it a try (at least at nighttime). Choosing to sleep sans undies will let your undercarriage really breathe. This can help reduce any inflammation from previously worn underwear that may have caused irritation throughout the day. Plus, it feels easy, breezy and pretty freeing.
women's underwear

Getcha some fresh, breathable, bold, NEW underwear here

For the health and well being of your vagina, fear not, we’re here to help. Luckily for you, and for us, you’re in the right place to overhaul your entire underwear collection. Not only is our collection of women’s underwear breathable with the 100% cotton liner in every pair, they’re also damn cute. So don’t sacrifice your fun underwear for the breathable pairs when you can get the best of both worlds.

In addition to that mandatory cotton liner, our boyshort underwear, cheeky underwear, and bikini underwear are made with MicroModal material which is extra soft and naturally breathable and moisture wicking. That means your lower half will stay extra fresh throughout the day. And of course, those undies all feature that 100% cotton liner.

Similarly, our seamless thong underwear also feature that hard working little cotton liner. These thongs are made with a blend of polyester and nylon to give you that no-show seamless fit and look while still providing the breathability you need with the 100% cotton liner.

Now, if you’re really ready to trash those old undies at once, check out our women’s underwear pack builder where you can pick up to 9 pairs of underwear and save up to 33%. The more you stuff into your cart, the more you’ll save.

If that sounds like a little too much, check out our underwear subscription available in any of the 4 cuts offered (thongs, cheekies, bikinis or boyshorts) that will save you up to 35% on monthly deliveries, gets you free shipping and the ability to exchange any pair for a different pattern, and the choice to cancel anytime you’d like. No strings attached.

Now, go back out into the world with a little nugget of knowledge that you didn’t have a few minutes ago. If someone asks you, “why do women’s underwear have a pocket?” you can go into elaborate detail about the breathability every vagina needs to function healthily.

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