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How to Hide Panty Lines: A Few Pointers to Live & Die by

by Paige Gruzska

Before we talk about how to get rid of underwear lines, we need to answer a question. What is the most important thing for you? Choose from one of the following options.

  1. Having no panty lines is the most important thing to me.
  2. Making sure my outfit looks as presentable & polished as possible is the most important thing to me.
  3. Comfort is the most important thing to me.

Having no panty lines is the most important thing to me

You want zero panty lines. This makes sense, you’re on this blog post after all. In that case, you should prioritize wearing underwear that is advertised using words like, “no show”, “seamless” and “laser cut”. All of these features will contribute to the camouflage of your panty line. The best style of underwear to wear to hide panty lines is a thong. The thong was made explicitly for this purpose. Think about it, why else would we want a piece of fabric to go right up our butt if it didn’t bring some kind of benefit? Get the best seamless thongs money can buy here at Shinesty.

A more drastic way to avoid panty lines is to cut the panty part out all together: go commando! This may feel freeing to some and wildly embarrassing to others, so if just reading this makes you cringe, don’t do it. Instead, you could take a tip from the red carpet and try stick-on underwear. This is a nice middle ground between a thong and going commando - just enough coverage to squash the possibility of accidental flashing and barely anything there to make panty lines impossible.

Making sure my outfit looks as presentable & polished as possible is the most important thing to me

To look extra presentable & polished, you should make sure that your underwear does not show through your pants/shorts/dress/skirt/etc. The easiest way to avoid those pesky panty lines altogether is to wear seamless thongs. A thong goes up your butt which minimizes the coverage of your bum area which in turn minimizes the potential for panty lines. Seamless construction means that the edges of your thong do not have seams helping it lie flush with your skin thus reducing the possibility of panty lines even more.

If thongs just aren’t your thing but you still want to hide those panty lines, try boyshorts. Since they cut down below your butt, they reduce the possibility of panty lines, but keep in mind that if they ride up, the lines may become more visible under your clothing. Another way to avoid those lines is to go seamless in another style. Search for seamless boyshorts, cheekies or bikinis. Get the coverage you want without the lines you hate.

You can also try shapewear to avoid panty lines. This type of underwear is extra compressing and covers you from torso to thigh to make you appear as smooth as a baby’s butt. Keep in mind that shapewear can sometimes be uncomfortable and restricting.

Another way to prevent panty lines is to wear clothing that is not tight to your skin. If you’re wearing a flowy long skirt, it will be almost impossible to see a panty line anyways. In contrast, tight clothing like skinny jeans and leggings hug right up on you putting your undie line on display. Make sure to choose the right underwear style for the outfit you’re wearing. Check out our blog if you want to learn more about the wonderful world of wearing (and not wearing) underwear with leggings.

5 ways to get rid of panty lines

Comfort is the most important thing to me

If you value comfort above all else, you should wear whatever type of underwear keeps you the most comfortable regardless of the implications of panty lines. You do you, boo boo! Check out our collection of the most comfortable women’s underwear on the internet. You shouldn’t put a price on your comfort, but if you did, it’s nice to know that you can get it at a discount. Start a subscription with any pair of women’s undies and get free shipping and save up to 35% on every pair.

Now I'm gonna say something controversial. Are you ready? Panty lines are not the devil. Sure, maybe they’re not ideal, but if you’ve got ‘em every now and then? Who cares! Oh No! She wears underwear! The audacity! Shield your innocent eyes!! You. Do. You. Wear what makes you happy! If you want a whale’s tail, more power to you! There are no rules here.

Stay Weird & Kill panty lines, but only if you want to

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