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A Guide To The Most Controversial Style Of Men’s Underwear

by Nate Charny

I have a confession: I wear briefs. Always have, always will. Over the years, people have asked me a lot of questions about my underwear choice:

  • “Why do you wear briefs?”
  • “Have you ever tried boxer shorts?”
  • “Can you please leave this dining establishment if you’re not going to wear pants over those?”

All great questions. So to help spread the word about this misunderstood style of underwear, I’ve assembled the most common questions people ask about briefs.

What are “briefs” underwear?

Briefs are form-fitting men’s underwear that don’t cover your thighs. Basically, brief underwear covers your butt cheeks, hides your junk, and that’s it. They are all about comfort and function over fashion. Briefs are reliable, and a timeless choice.

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What is the history of briefs?

The first briefs were invented after a caveman stepped over a fire and burnt his cavemanhood. Once word of that event spread, people realized the benefits of wearing a protective layer of clothing under their loincloths.

Are all briefs tighty-whities?

No. It’s like how all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares. Tighty-whities are always briefs, but if a pair of briefs is any color other than white, they’re not tighty-whities.

Briefs v. Boxer Briefs - What’s the difference?

The legs. Boxer briefs provide coverage for your thighs, whereas briefs don’t. Why does underwear need to cover your thighs? It doesn’t. That’s just a useless 4 inches of fabric that most men insist on having because they’re too insecure to proudly wear briefs.

briefs vs boxer briefs

I wore briefs as a kid. Why don’t I wear them anymore?

We all wore briefs when we were little. Then we stopped around middle school because we had to change in locker rooms and bullies made fun of us for wearing briefs instead of boxers. We’re both still emotionally traumatized from this experience and as a result haven’t worn briefs for over 20 years. Every day you slip into a pair of boxers or boxer briefs, you’re just letting the bullies win again.

What are the pros and cons of wearing briefs?


  • Can fit more pairs in a suitcase while traveling
  • Often cheaper because they use less fabric
  • Show off your toned thighs since you never skip leg day


  • Look like a diaper
  • Visible panty lines (manty lines?)
  • People will think your mom still lays out your clothes every morning

Are briefs right for me?

All I can say is they’re worth a try. What’ve you got to lose? If you want a more detailed breakdown of your underwear choices, I recommend our blog post “What Is The Best Underwear For Men?”

What size briefs should I wear?

The worst thing you can wear is loose fitting briefs. You want those things to hug you and show off your figure, not look like you borrowed your grandpa’s underwear for the day. You can learn more about proper underwear sizing by exploring our “Men’s Underwear Sizing Guide”.

How do I care for briefs?

If you’ve successfully done laundry, you’re gonna do fine taking care of your briefs, but if you are unsure head to our blog post on how to launder your undies. Of course, once they’re out of the dryer, you’re gonna have to figure out how to organize them. For that, I’ll direct you to our informative guide.

Your prose has stirred a passion in my loins for briefs. I must have them. Where can I buy the best briefs?

Ok, no need to make this weird. You can explore our vast collection of Ball Hammock® Pouch Briefs Underwear.

There’s a wide variety of prints to choose from, ranging from tame to incredibly inappropriate. Can’t choose just one pair? Get a fresh pair of briefs at a discount delivered every month by signing up for a subscription.

In conclusion, the blog post has ended. Feel free to visit other sites on the internet at this time. I recommend porn.

Stay Weird & Keep It Brief

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