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Time For A Micro Dose: Why MicroModal Makes Great Underwear

by Nate Charny

What material is your underwear made of? Go ahead and check the tag, I’ll wait. If you’re like me, then 1) You probably are wearing uncomfortable cotton underwear, and 2) You definitely hurt your back twisting around to check the tag. Unfortunately I can’t help with your back (or mine), but lucky for you, there’s a magic material you may have never heard of that’s going to change everything you know about underwear.

What is MicroModal fabric?

MicroModal is a semi-synthetic viscose rayon fabric. It’s called MicroModal because that sounds way cooler and a lot less nerdy than “semi-synthetic viscose rayon.” Yea, this fabric has a killer PR team. Some people confuse rayon with polyester, but polyester is made entirely of synthetic material, whereas rayon is made from natural materials that undergo a chemical manufacturing and refinement process. I promise the rest of this article is more exciting than that last sentence.

What are the benefits of MicroModal fabric?

MicroModal fabric is so comfortable and luxurious that it should be called “MicroSoft” – unfortunately Bill Gates won’t let us. Its silky softness is smooth on your skin and is naturally moisture wicking. It provides a snug, stretchy fit while still being lightweight enough to offer unmatched breathability. Despite its delicateness, MicroModal fabric is durable enough to survive the washing machine without losing elasticity or fading. MicroModal fabric also helps you last longer in bed and makes sex more pleasurable. Ok, those last two are made up but it’s still a pretty good list.

benefits of micromodal

Micro Biology: How is MicroModal fabric made?

Got wood? Then you’re off to a good start. MicroModal starts as cellulose that’s extracted from birch, oak, and beech trees. That’s right, it’s all natural, baby! The cellulose gets turned into yarn during a chemical process that sounds complicated, so Google it if you’re interested. Then the yarn is woven and MicroModal fabric is born.

how is micromodal made

What is MicroModal underwear?

If you take MicroModal fabric and stitch it into the shape of underwear, that’s pretty much it. No big secret here, just quality underwear made from quality fabric.

Is Modal fabric good for underwear?

When it comes to underwear, it’s all about softness. And MicroModal fabric is the softest there is. Here’s how it stacks up against the competition:

softness of underwear material

As you can see, cotton underwear is pretty much your last resort when it comes to comfort. Silk sounds nice but good luck washing silk underwear. They’re essentially single-use. And if you HAVE to wear underwear made from sandpaper, make sure you spring for a high grit. At least 800.

Cotton Shmotton: Is MicroModal fabric really better than cotton?

  • Fact: MicroModal fabric is three times softer than cotton.
  • Fact: Softer underwear feels better.
  • Fact: Those are all the facts you need.

Size Matters: Is MicroModal fabric the same as Modal fabric?

Ah yes the classic conundrum of Modal vs MicroModal. Stay with me on this one because it’s going to get pretty technical. The fibers used in MicroModal fabric are SMALLER than the fibers used to make Modal fabric. I recommend reading the previous sentence a few times until the concept really sinks in.

A helpful comparison is to think of underwear fabric like beef. MicroModal is filet mignon. The best of the best. Modal fabric is hamburger. It gets the job done. And cotton is cow poop. Probably best to avoid rubbing it on your body.

Micro Management: How do I know if I’ll like MicroModal underwear?

Unless you’re a sadist who gets off on having itchy privates all day, you’re gonna love MicroModal underwear. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll enjoy MicroModal underwear that we offer a money back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your first pair, they’re absolutely free. Shinesty has hundreds of designs of Micro Modal underwear to choose from. To start changing your life for the better, check out our Men’s Underwear.

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Wait, does that mean MicroModal underwear is only available for men? Girl, we gotchu. Check out our Women’s Underwear.

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