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Sleeping Soundly + An Eye Mask = a happy, healthy, well-rested YOU

by Paige Gruzska

Picture this: It’s 11:03 p.m. and you’re in bed with the lights turned off. You’ve got a workout class bright and early in the morning followed by a full day of work in the office. Your significant other is laying next to you scrolling their phone watching something that makes them snicker every few seconds. The T.V. is not on, but you can see the glow of the blue “On” button. The shades are closed, but the passing cars and street lights stream through the smallest of cracks and throw dancing shadows onto your walls. Your alarm clock mocks you with its LED screen showing that it’s now 11:57p.m. and you’re still. not. sleeping.

Enter…your NEW best friend for falling asleep and staying asleep: The Sleeping Eye Mask! cue the applause

What is a sleeping eye mask / eye cover / sleep mask?

Whatever you like to call it, an eye mask is a face covering worn with the intention of blocking out light / distraction in order to be able to fall asleep easier and/or faster. The mask is worn over the eyes and wrapped around the head to secure it in place. Eye masks come in lots of different fabrics, structures, prints and patterns.

What does a sleep mask do?

The main goal of an eye mask for sleep is to block out light from your sensitive little eyes. All those minor lights around you may seem insignificant, but they’re not. A dark environment is crucial for being able to achieve a deep sleep. That’s where an eye sleeping mask comes in handy.

what does a sleep mask do

What are the benefits of a sleep mask?

A night eye cover helps relax your eyes and brain by blocking out light. With a steady and dark environment, your mind can relax easier and stay asleep longer. Less interruptions means less waking up which in turn means more REM sleep making you feel fresh as a spring chicken in the morning.

Take note of the different features of different sleep masks. If you sleep on your back, you shouldn’t choose a sleeping mask that has a plastic clasp on the back of the head. Once you lay down, this could become a little bit uncomfy. If you don’t like the feeling of fabric pushing against your eyelashes or eyelids, check out a face mask that has cupping around the eyes rather than one that sits flush against your eyes. I like to call these ones eye bras. There are face masks with cooling beads, lavender scents, removable ear muffs and so much more. But, my personal favorite eye mask is this one:

sleep mask

What better way to tell those around you that you ought not be woken up than covering your eye mask in little birdies? This soft-as-silk, super smooth sleep mask tells people to heck right off, I’m catchin’ zzz’s. The elastic headband strap means this mask is comfy cozy, no matter if you’re a side, back, tummy or tornado sleeper.

How do you wear a sleep mask?

Step 1:

Get into your sleeping position, whether it be in bed, in the backseat of a car on a road trip, on a plane or in the stands of your kid’s soccer game. Position the face mask on your forehead. Lay back, close your eyes and bring the face mask down onto your eyes.

Step 2:

Count sheep, take deep breaths, imagine unicorns with wings prancing in the soft and plushy clouds. Do whatever you do to relax and fall asleep.

Step 3:

Notice how there is no light shining through your delicate lil eyelids. Wow! It works!

Step 4:

After your long and relaxing rest, as you awaken, push the eye mask up onto your forehead. Do one of those biiiiiiig stretches that makes you release involuntary weird sounds and shake a lil bit. Sigh a big sigh of contentment. Remove the eye mask and stash it in your bedside table, backpack or anywhere you’ll be able to easily access it next time you want to catch some dark zzz’s. Repeat steps 1-4 as necessary.

Stay Weird & Get your beauty sleep

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