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Fill Us Up, Big Boy: A Guide To Underwear For Big & Tall Men

by Nate Charny

Do you need suspenders to help hold up your extra small underwear? Then this isn’t the article for you. Today we’re talking with big guys who want underwear that’s comfortable and also makes a big statement.

Big Men Underwear: The Struggle Is Real

It’s hard finding clothes that fit properly when you’re a bigger guy. Especially if you don’t want to limit yourself to buying clothes in strip malls from places called “So-and-so’s Big & Tall Shop.” Plus, not every big & tall guy is built the same way. Maybe you need underwear for big thighs. Maybe you need a turtleneck for a tall torso.. You’ll never see any of these body types on a mannequin, which makes it hard to figure out what an outfit would even look like on you.

Underwear for Large Thighs: All About That Base

Even if you find clothes that look great, you’re not gonna feel comfortable unless you’ve got on a pair of underwear that fits properly. There are kinds of nooks and crannies where ill-fitting underwear can work its way into that the more petite set fellows have no idea about. Without proper underwear, you run the risk of excess bunching, chafing, sweating, and more. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Where can I find underwear for Big and Tall Men?

To put it simply: Shinesty’s plus size underwear is the best Big & Tall underwear on the market. Our men’s Ball Hammock Pouch® underwear is the best boxer brief for guys with big thighs. With sizes going up to 5XL, we can find a pair of big and tall boxers for almost every husky boy out there. You can start shopping for big and tall boxer briefs right now.

And when you shop with us, there’s no risk. If you buy a 3XL and they immediately drop to your ankles, just send them back and we’ll swap them out for a 2XL. If you decide “Screw this whole underwear thing entirely, I’m just gonna go commando from now on,” then just return the pair and we’ll give you a full refund.

where to find big and tall underwear

What Makes Shinesty’s Big and Tall Boxer Briefs Different?

Our underwear stays comfortable all day long. Built from a MicroModal fabric that’s 3x softer than cotton, you can avoid the discomfort of harsh fabric rubbing against your large thighs for hours at a time. The fabric is designed to stretch and move along with you, not against (and inside!) you. We also offer sizing up to 5XL on every cut of men’s underwear, so you have a variety of options to choose from depending on your personal preference. If you're unsure what size you wear, check out our measuring & size guide.

If you have thick thighs and want more leg coverage, we’ve got big and tall long leg underwear. If you prefer a different style, our big men underwear comes in standard boxer briefs, boxer briefs with fly, briefs, trunks, and long leg. You can check out every style, size, and pattern of men’s Ball Hammock® pouch underwear we offer here.

Why Should I Spend This Much Time Shopping For Big and Tall Long Leg Underwear?

Don’t like shopping for underwear one pair at a time? Then don’t do it! Our Monthly Underwear Subscription is an easy and convenient way to get a new pair of underwear delivered to your door (well, mailbox) every single month. Once you’ve found a style and size that works for you, we’ll take care of the rest. And unlike those suckers buying their underwear one pair at a time, you’ll save up to 35% per pair and enjoy free shipping.

Don’t like the print you got this month? Just let us know and we’ll swap it out for one you love. You’ll also get exclusive access to subscriber-only designs that you won’t see anywhere else. Unless you spot another fellow subscriber wearing them, in which case hey you just made a new friend for life. There’s no commitment and you can cancel anytime, so what do you have to lose? You can learn more about a Monthly Underwear Subscription and sign up here.

Happy Junk, Happy Hunk: The Best Boxer Briefs for Guys with Big Thighs

You know how people say you should buy a really good mattress because you spend 8 hours a night sleeping, which is one third of your life? Well, you spend 23.5 hours a day wearing underwear. (I’m assuming you take a 10 minute shower every morning and have a 20 minute bone every night.) That’s like 99.9% of your life.

So treat yourself to the highest quality underwear designed with the big & tall man in mind. Because no matter what you look like on the outside, you deserve to wear underwear that fits properly and keeps you comfortable and sweat-free.

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