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In A Tight Spot: Dealing With Ball Pain Caused By Tight Clothes

by Nate Charny

Your testicles are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. And while that can sometimes lead to great pleasure, more often than not it results in unbearable pain. I don’t know about you, but my goal every morning when I wake up is to make it through the day without getting kicked in the nuts. (So far so good today.) One of the easiest ways to prevent ball pain is by wearing clothes that fit properly.

Pain In The Nuts: Can tight pants or tight underwear cause testicular pain?

Absolutely. Have you seen what happens when you put enough rubber bands around a watermelon? That thing pops like a balloon. And while tight pants might not cause your testicles to explode, skinny jeans can certainly put enough strain and pressure on your balls to cause discomfort and make your boys sore. Fortunately, skinny jeans for men have largely gone out of fashion and anyone you see wearing them now has probably been stuck in that same pair for a decade.

testicular pain

Foul Balls: Are boxer briefs bad for your balls?

Boxer briefs are actually the safest underwear you can wear. Traditional boxers are no good. Their loose legs provide zero protection against spiders crawling up your underpants and laying eggs in your penis. I’ve seen it a thousand times. The snug fit of boxer briefs offers support and protection. The only way boxer briefs can be bad for your balls is if you’re wearing a pair that’s way too small and doesn’t give your boys enough room to breathe.

are boxer briefs bad for your balls

Under Pressure: Why do my balls feel squished?

Your balls feel squished because you’re wearing the wrong underwear. Unless your underwear has a built-in pouch for your balls, they’re in danger of being squished by your legs. Fortunately, the right underwear can actually help prevent ball pain. Ball Hammock® Pouch Underwear by Shinesty lifts and supports your balls, keeping them comfortable and out of harm’s way. The pouch also offers additional benefits, like preventing chafing, enhancing your bulge, and eliminating embarrassing public adjustments.

Size Matters: How do I choose the right size of underwear?

Finding the right size of underwear can be tricky. Too tight is uncomfortable. Too loose offers no support. You’re in a real Goldilocks situation, albeit much less likely to get eaten by bears. The only way to know your true size is to buy every size of underwear and try them on to see which fits best. If you think that sounds expensive and complicated, you’re right. Fortunately there’s a better way. Here’s a handy guide that will help you discover exactly what size men’s underwear you should be rocking.

Style & Error: How do I choose the right style of underwear?

Choosing the right style of underwear can affect your balls just as much as choosing the right size. Long leg boxer briefs offer the most coverage, but if you have claustrophobic legs they might have a panic attack. Briefs offer maximum range of motion, but you might still be traumatized from getting bullied for wearing tighty-whities when you were younger. That’s why we made another helpful guide explaining the pros and cons of different men’s underwear styles.

Now that you know your ideal size & style, you’re well on your way toward achieving scrotal bliss. The final last step is finding the perfect pattern. Lucky for you, we’ve got hundreds of underwear designs to browse so you can find a pair that expresses your personality. Start shopping today.

I’ve done everything you said and my balls still hurt. Now what?

Time to see a medical professional. I recommend a doctor, but in a pinch a dentist will suffice.

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