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Do You Wear Underwear with a Bodysuit?

by Paige Gruszka

WTF is a bodysuit?

We’ve all got to start somewhere, right? A bodysuit is a one piece outfit generally made for women. It is reminiscent of baby onesies and one piece bathing suits. Bodysuits are generally tight-fitting which makes them ideal for layering and can also eliminate the need for a bra and underwear. A bodysuit covers your hot bod from boobs to crotch, but not all are created equal.

There are all kinds of bodysuits. Many bodysuits have snaps at the crotch for easy peeing access while others require you to get top-nakey to pee. But hey, a little breeze to the underboob ain’t a bad thing. Bodysuits can be strapless or with straps and can be made from any material you can think of. Even pleather. The goal of a bodysuit is to create a tight, seamless fit from top to bottom. A bodysuit can give the illusion of a perfectly-fitting, perfectly-tucked top. They help avoid wrinkles and bunching at your waistline to give a smooth effect to your outfit without the need for un-tucking and re-tucking.

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Should I wear underwear with a bodysuit?

Bodysuits are built for fashion and function. They’re extremely comfortable with or without underwear. Because they are usually tight-fitting, you do not need to wear underwear with a bodysuit. But, you can wear undies under any bodysuit. The choice is entirely up to you. If you feel more comfortable with the added layer of thong underwear or any other cut of women’s panties, like cheekies, bikinis or boyshorts, go for it! Although, if you are wearing a thong bodysuit, you should probably wear a thong or go commando to avoid cumbersome panty lines.

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This may be a subjective opinion, but the best thongs to wear under any clothing are seamless. Seamless undies eliminate panty lines, they sit lightly on your skin, while reducing rubbing and irritation in your most sensitive areas, and they’re damn comfortable. Never worn a seamless thong before? Try one here. They’re available in simple solids or wild prints. We know you’ll love them, but if you don’t, we’ll refund your first pair.

Back to bodysuits. Some can be backless, meaning a traditional bra may not be the best option. My suggestion? FREE THE NIPPLE! But if that just isn’t an option or doesn’t float your boat, try nipple petals or pasties (affectionately known as sticky boobs). They are a sticky, reusable bra-alternative made specifically for backless tops, dresses and bodysuits. Depending on your bodysuit, you can also experiment with different types of bras. A strapless may work, or a minimalistic bralette. Feel free to get creative with your support methods. (Boob tape is a thing, ladies.)

So how do I wear a bodysuit anyways?

  • The first step is choosing the right bodysuit for you. You can find them all over the place. Take a peek at a few we offer right here. If you don’t see something you like, check out other options like Amazon, the mall or your favorite local boutique.
  • Once you have your bodysuit picked out, decide if you want to wear your bodysuit with underwear or without underwear. Either answer is correct: the choice is yours! If you’re going for-undies and need more options, why not start an underwear subscription and get a sweet or spicy new pair every single month? Choose from thongs, bikinis, boyshorts or cheekies.
  • Now, should you go bra, or no bra? You choose what looks best with the cut of your bodysuit and, above all, what makes you feel the most comfortable.
  • Next, you’ll need to choose what to put on your bottom half (unless you’re going pantless, more power to you, sister.) Like what we said before, bodysuits are perfect for layering. Add a sweater on top, but on shorts, a skirt, pants, overalls, etc. The possibilities are bountiful. And when in doubt of how to style your new look, Pinterest is your best friend (and biggest, most entertaining time suck if I’m being honest).
  • Now that you know that it is YOUR CHOICE if you wear underwear under your new bodysuit or not, you can go out and conquer the world. And if not the world, then you can at least answer your burning questions about underwear choices.

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