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New Year, New You: Choosing The Right Color Underwear For New Year’s Eve

by Nate Charny

Did you know that it matters what color underwear you wear on New Year’s Eve? And not just because wearing a pink bra under a white dress looks tacky AF.

What The Luck Are You Talking About?

According to some cultures, the color of underwear you choose on December 31st can have a huge impact on the next 12 months of your life. Every color of underwear has a meaning, and will determine your luck for the coming year.

Where Did This Lucked Up Tradition Start?

This South American superstition started in Brazil, Bolivia, and Venezuela, where tradition states that putting on yellow underwear for New Year’s Eve will bring you good financial luck all year long. This is especially true if you own a business in South America that exclusively sells yellow underwear. Cha-ching!

Time To Get Lucky! What Color Underwear Should I Wear On New Year’s Eve?

Since each color has different symbolic meaning behind it, you’ll want to plan your wardrobe accordingly. If you screw up and wear pink panties instead of red, the lustful fling you were after could turn into you getting friend-zoned.

Here’s what kind of luck each color of underwear for New Year’s represents:

Red = Romance

Wearing red underwear for New Year’s Eve will spice up your love life. You’ll know right away that it’s working if at the end of the night your lucky red underwear is on someone else’s bedroom floor. Your Lucky Pair: The Cherry Popsicle

White = Peace

Wearing white undies on New Year’s Eve will bring peace and tranquility into your life. Although if you’re on your period on December 31st and you’re looking to avoid stress, maybe don’t wear white underwear. Your Lucky Pair: The Milk Me

Yellow = Money

Wearing yellow undies on New Year’s Eve will bring you financial success. Pro Tip: Borrow yellow underwear from a friend and you’ll already be saving money! Your Lucky Pair: The Health Class

Black = Control

Wearing black undies on New Year’s Eve will help you take control of your life. Black symbolizes power and strength. You will crush all the losers who showed up to your NYE party wearing white underwear. Those simple-minded fools! Your Lucky Pair: The Threat Level Midnight

Green = Adventure

If green is your New Year’s Eve underwear color, your next year will be adventurous. Maybe you’ll win a free vacation that takes you around the world in the lap of luxury. Maybe you’ll get marooned on a desert island and have to survive by sucking dead hermit crabs out of their shells. Either way, strap in because an adventure is afoot! Your Lucky Pair: The Young Grasshopper

Pink = Friendship

Wearing pink undies on New Year’s Eve means your relationships with your friends will deepen. Did you wear black underwear last New Year’s Eve and accidentally ostracize everyone in your life? Switch to pink this year and start rebuilding some of those bridges you burned. Your Lucky Pair: The Rom Com

Blue = Wellness

Wearing blue undies on New Year’s Eve means improved physical and mental wellness. Do you want to exercise more, eat healthier, and prioritize your mental health? Yea, so does everyone else. Those resolutions usually last until about January 8th. Blue underwear might give you the push you need to keep going until mid-February. Your Lucky Pair: The Jeanstring

Purple = Creativity

Wearing purple undies on New Year’s Eve means you’ll unlock your creative potential. You’ll have lots of great new ideas that you’ll be excited to tell everyone all the time. They’ll probably think you’re coked out of your mind, but it’s just that lucky blue underwear, baby! Your Lucky Pair: The Emperor

Orange = Professional

Wearing orange undies on New Year’s Eve means your coming year will be filled with professional success. Whether it’ll be getting a promotion, getting a raise, or your boss getting hit by a bus, you never know how luck will manifest itself, so keep those fingers crossed! Your Lucky Pair: The Crossing Guard

Now that you’ve picked a color, make sure you’ve got a style that’s comfortable. Check out our women's underwear guide.

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