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My Dresser Is A MESS…How Do I Organize My Underwear?

by Paige Gruszka

Here we are at the question of the hour. The thing we continue to put off until our dresser is literally bursting and the drawers can no longer close, and if they do close, they may never open back up. What we are here to learn is…how in the world do I organize my dresser drawers? More specifically, my underwear drawer? Well let’s get into it.

Our wardrobe starts at what is touching our skin first: our underwear. Let’s start organizing that drawer first.

- STEP 1: Start by pulling EVERYTHING out of your underwear drawers - I'm talking socks, panties, lingerie and every type of bra. All of the undergarments. Put everything on your bed. Now that your drawer is empty, take a damp paper towel to the thang. I bet there’s a bit of dust in there and we need to start fresh.

how to start organizing your underwear drawer

- STEP 2: Let’s go through your undies and ditch anything that isn’t serving you anymore. Is the elastic warping and worn out? Are there holes? Is the color faded beyond recognition? Let’s get rid of it! You can go easy, and just throw it away. But if you want to go the sustainable route and give yourself an extra pat on the back, consider donating with companies like Subset (they’ll accept all of your used intimates) or USAgain Tree Machines (they’ll accept clothing in re-usable condition so please don’t give them holey, blood-stained undies). Yes, you can sustainably recycle your undies!

how to get rid of old underwear

- STEP 3: Now that you’ve purged your worn out goods, let’s separate the good goods. You can separate by any category you see fit: socks vs. thongs vs. boyshorts vs. sports bras vs. padded bras. Bright colors vs. neutrals. And the list goes on. I separate my drawers like so: socks in one drawer, undies in another, and bras in the last.

organizing underwear

- STEP 4: Now that you have your piles, let’s talk about how to get them into your drawers, onto shelves or into your closet. To determine our next step, answer this question:

**How do you feel about folding laundry? **

  • A. It’s necessary so that EVERYTHING can be perfectly pressed and placed into its place.
  • B. It’s cathartic. Organization brings me ease.
  • C. I do it as quickly as possible to get the job done
  • D. Folding? Do you mean shoving?
organizing panties

If you answered A. you can now individually iron or steam each pair of underwear and use clip hangers and fill your closet. I don’t think many of you will go this route…but to each their own.

If you answered B. and consider yourself a well-organized person, you can now fold your items and begin organizing your drawers from back to front putting the least-worn items in the back. Slowly make your way to the front by stacking in neat piles the items you wear most often. If you need some tips on how to fold your underwear, check out this blog post.

If you answered C. and are the type to get it done quick or not fold at all, let me introduce you to dividers. Dividers are the best way to store underwear and keep your drawers nice and neat. Dividers do exactly what the name implies - they divide your drawer into even smaller compartments to keep things more organized. There are countless options for dividers to suit your needs. By using dividers, you can allocate sections for socks, for thongs, for cheekies, etc. and whenever you do laundry, you know which divider your items go in. When you go to get dressed, you know that the thongs will be in the front right divider. By doing this, you will limit rifling and rummaging and thus make your next underwear experience a lil more organized.

If you answered D. give the dividers a try! But if you feel like you’ll never be able to keep it organized, let’s try a different storage idea. Give bins or containers, separated by style, a try. If you have a bin on a shelf in your closet that is ALL socks, you know where to go to get your goods and so on for other styles.

- Step 5: Now that you purged the bad, are you low on good undies? We can fix that. Take a peek at the extensive collection of men’s Ball Hammock® pouch underwear available in 7 styles or our women’s underwear available in 8 styles.

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Now that your underwear drawer is organized, you’ll probably bake the perfect loaf of bread, win the lottery and get a promotion. Well..maybe it's not that easy, but wouldn’t that be nice?

Stay Weird & Organize

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