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sleeping in underwear

A Case For Going Commando: Should You Wear Underwear to Bed?

by Paige Gruzska

Like most things in life, there are pros and cons to wearing your underwear to bed or choosing to go undie-free. Overall, there are more benefits to going commando than drawbacks, so our recommendation is this. Is it good to go to sleep without underwear? YES, it is!

Let’s go through the pros and cons of going to bed commando vs. sleeping in underwear.

1. PRO: Sleeping pants-naked lets your downtown breathe

We’re gonna say it. Everyone's least favorite word. When you go to bed wearing clothing that’s tight to your nether region, odds are, you’re going to sweat. Sweat makes things…moist…down there. Excess moisture in your underwear can lead to an increase in bacteria resulting in those pesky yeast infections.

To avoid sweat clinging to your coochie, try loose fitting pjs with no undies, or, try sleeping in your birthday suit. Who knows, you may LOVE how free and healthy you feel when sleeping in the nude! If you opt for commando sleeps, think about cleanliness of both your body and your sheets. Showering before bed and washing your sheets frequently will help you stay feeling fresh.

2. PRO: Sleeping without underwear gives your bikini line a much-needed break

An extremely common bikini line issue is called folliculitis. This is when your hair follicles become inflamed as a result of rubbing and bacteria. Aka when you wear tight underwear and you sweat. It’s extremely common, so don’t stress, but an easy way to help soothe your bikini line is to go commando. To avoid accidentally showing off your hooha, we recommend going commando at nighttime when you’re in the comfort of your own home.

3. CON: No underwear at night? What if there’s an emergency?

What if you get burgled in the middle of the night or your house catches on fire and you’re BUTT NAKED?! That would be a bummer. We’d recommend having your “emergency jammies” handy for a quick getaway if you’re not sleeping in panties. Hopefully you’ll never need to make use of them.

4. CON: You’re probably going to want to wash your sheets more often

Let’s be real here, ladies. If you’re not sleeping in underwear, discharge/blood ain’t gonna be stopped by anything, which means it’s more likely to end up on your sheets. But fear not. Get into a habit of washing your sheets every week. Trust that you won’t be upset about fresh, clean sheets. If Mother Nature is in town, opt for a breathable pair of underwear with a tampon or pad or try a pair of absorbent period panties so you don’t have to remove period stains from your favorite pairs of underwear or your sheets. A bright side to not wearing undies to bed? Less time spent washing your underwear!

5. PRO or CON: You choose. Be comfy while drifting into REM sleep

Some females crave the comfort of their favorite sleep panties while others revel in the freedom of sleeping in the nude. Everything is a personal preference! If you want to try going underwear-less, go for it! All new things take time to become comfortable. If you just can’t stand not wearing underwear to bed, then don’t worry! Opt for breathable fabrics like MicroModal and cotton for your sleeping panties. Avoid fabrics like silk, lace and synthetics that can irritate your panty line and hold in moisture.

pros and cons of wearing underwear to bed

So there you have it. If you want to wear underwear to bed, power to ya, sister. You should think about starting a subscription so you can get lots of it. If you wanna sleep in the nude, nice! You will also find some benefits and drawbacks. Overall, your being comfortable should be your first priority. Whether that’s wearing comfy breathable underwear or nothing at all.

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