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Smell Ya Later: A Guide To Selling Used Underwear Online Safely & Anonymously

by Nate Charny

The market for buying used underwear is larger than you think. Society makes us believe only a handful of people are interested in getting their hands on used women’s underwear, but this particular fetish subculture is thriving. Thanks to the anonymity of the internet, it’s become impossible for anyone to judge buyers or sellers of used underwear. In this guide, we’ll answer the most common questions women ask before dipping their toes (and other bits) into the used underwear marketplace.

How do I sell my used underwear online?

You’ll want to partner with an established website that specializes in the anonymous sale of used underwear. Read on for our specific recommendations. The most important part of selling your used underwear online is safety. Avoid craigslist and eBay and don’t give anyone your real name, address, or personal contact information. While most buyers are harmless, it only takes one creep to ruin your life.

How much money can you sell used panties for?

You can set the price as high as you like! One million dollars? TWO million dollars?? Shoot for the stars, I say. But if you actually want your panties to sell, the free market average price is about $20-$30 per pair. Which means you only have to sell 50,000 pairs to become a millionaire!

Is it legal to sell my used underwear?

This is America, so it better be! You’re trying to run a small business here and make an honest living. But there are a few basic rules you have to follow:

  • You have to disclose that the items you’re selling are used. Which shouldn’t be a problem since that’s like the number one feature buyers are looking for.
  • Only sell to adults. Think of your used underwear like a fine wine. It takes a sophisticated palate to appreciate its qualities. Also like wine, you’ll get in big trouble if you sell it to someone underage.
  • Report your income to the IRS. Those jerks always want a cut of your hard work.

Where can I sell my used panties online?

There are several safe & discreet websites that cater to the used underwear marketplace. Here are 2 of the most trusted:


Snifffr caters to open-minded women looking to make some money on the side. You know they’re a cutting edge tech company because their name ends in “r” without a vowel before it. And they’ve got an extra “f” which doesn’t hurt. I don’t think any of us would ever turn down a random F thrown our way. Anyone buying has to create an account, which greatly cuts down on the number of creeps involved.

Sofia Gray

If complete anonymity isn’t important to you, Sofia Gray makes it easy to create your own virtual storefront complete with photos and a personal profile. If you’re interested in selling more than just underwear, they offer several other categories including socks, shoes, and more. You can even chat with buyers directly. It’s definitely closer to OnlyFans than to eBay.


Pantydeal is an online marketplace for selling used underwear, socks, shoes, lingerie & more. They have almost 2 million buyers and 1.5 million sellers on the platform. You can even leave a reviews of both buyers and sellers. Pantydeal simplifies selling used items online and makes it safe.

Where can I buy new underwear that I can wear and turn into used underwear?

If you’re looking to turn this into an automatic stream of passive income, your best bet is a monthly thong subscription. You’ll get a fresh thong delivered every month, which means a constant stream of inventory for your side hustle. It also means you can sell your panties without opening your underwear drawer one day and discovering it’s empty because you got greedy.

If your buyers are interested in more than thongs, we have a wide range of styles of women’s underwear for you to work with.

While this is a female dominated marketplace, it’s not unheard of for buyers to purchase used men’s underwear. If you’re a man looking to cash in, we have an extensive collection of men’s underwear to help you cater to your buyers’ desires.

If you’re feeling ambitious, keep the shelves stocked with a monthly underwear subscription.

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