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Shinesty Butt Sniffers

Dogs make terrible human models. But, that's what you get when you only have 3 days to write an email, and the whole office has jaundice from MDW.

Introducing: The 3rd Annual Sh!t With No Sleeves Collection presented by the inattentive, stubborn, impossible-to-photograph Dogs of Shinesty.


All Leif had to do was sit in a button down. All he wanted to do was dry hump other pooches, take a steaming poop, and ignore our every ask. 

"No! Not On The Shirt!"

One unusable duct tape harness: 25min

A better duct tape harness: 20min

Sketchy scaffolding to lift Otto 6ft off the ground: 45min 

30 borderline-useless photos plus a hint of photoshop: 105min

Photoshopping Otto's Red Rocket Out:


Actual Air Bud can dribble, shoot, and score. He went on to play hockey, baseball and coach the local soccer team.

Leo breathes incessantly into your crotch, barks at shadows, and one time we had to pull 3ft of yarn out of his ass.

But That's Why We Love Him

We weren't planning to use Leo twice in this email, but Hoss looked so depressed that we knew PETA was gonna paint the town red if that photo ever hit the streets.

The Shot So Nice...

We Took It Twice


We couldn't properly show our hot Summer gear on these dogs cause they have stupid non-human here is a .gif. 

PSA: If you ever need to extract vital information from the Shinesty marketing team, force us to coordinate a bunch of dogs for a photo shoot. Sure it sounds like all fetch and dog kisses...but it's really full of dogs running away and us deciding whether or not to pick up their poops.


Stay Weird & Spin On 



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